What’s Better? More New Patients Or More Production?

More production, of course!

And that requires more NEW dental patients – which requires a strategic dental marketing plan. It’s not just about new patients; it’s about getting the most ideally suited patients for YOUR dental practice – the ones most likely to return and refer. 

Before I hit why great new patients are important – let me just put a bug in your ear. I guarantee that right now, right this minute, without adding any additional marketing, you could book more new patient appointments. 


Answer the d*&m phone!

It’s a killer to see practices rocking their marketing campaigns out of the park, adding a good flow of new patients … while still missing 50% of their inbound calls!

If you aren’t sure of your answer rates – you need to connect to our MPD Pro which includes our best-in-class telephone training modules.

You will increase production. I promise.

On average, before understanding their metrics and the impact this “tiny” process improvement could make, most practices miss answering somewhere between 25-50% of their new-patient calls. 

I examined the results for one client just yesterday. They are already experiencing a 4:1 ROI on their investment – they answered 200 calls live and booked 150 new patients. When they answer the phone, they’re doing great with conversion.

BUT … they missed 170 calls! At their conversion rate, that means they would have almost doubled their new-patient flow. For the same marketing investment. With an average lifetime value of $5k and an average of 1 more family member each … that means this practice missed out on an opportunity worth far more than a million dollars to the practice. Imagine. WOW!

Now … tell me whether or not this is happening at your practice. 

Because new patients are so important to the health and security of your practice, they need to have a high priority service level. Our top performing practices answer 95% of their calls and convert at close to 80%. 

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You can have this too.

Your Account Manager can help you improve your call conversion metrics. Call them for advice about your particular situation.

New patients have a high lifetime value to a practice. Number one, if they like you, on average they will stay with your practice for 7+ years. Number two, if they like you, they will refer friends and family, post great reviews online, and become practice ambassadors.

  • On average, one quality new patient equals approximately $5,000 in production to a practice.
  • On average, one new patient will refer at least one more new patient per year.

It’s a rolling positive cycle that represents a lot of production for your practice.

So now that you’ll be answering your phone, what should you consider in your marketing strategy to attract the best new patients? Women are your primary decision maker and they want quality information to make good decisions for their families.

Let us help you understand your metrics and put a strategy in place that will drive more quality calls to your practice.

On average, our clients are experiencing a 6:1 return on investment – and that’s just direct result from our direct mail campaigns. Not only will we impact those results, but we’ll be improving your overall practice growth trajectory by helping you impact your key performance metrics.

If you want to increase your new-patient flow and you want to increase practice production, please, call your Account Manager today.

We can help. Better than ever before. Average 6:1 ROI

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