Why Don’t You Wait Until It Hurts

Said no dentist to their patient

And we won’t tell you to do that with your practice either! You do not want to wait until you’re feeling the financial pinch or the competitive push to secure your practice future.

Without prevention and perio health, you can’t help a patient with cosmetic dentistry. That’s the same for us. Without a good foundation, we can’t always help with a one-hit wonder marketing campaign.

We can help you be proactive versus reactive. If you find yourself making kneejerk decisions, you might be on a slippery slope.

How do you help patients understand the importance of treatment? By showing them what’s in their mouth and what that might mean down the road.
We can do the same for you.

As the only dental marketing agency that connects actual production data with both print and digital ad performance, we have been able to analyze industry trends and determine the success metrics required to predict success. And if you’re not exactly at those benchmarks right now, we can help you get there.

A proactive practice always places greater emphasis on data-driven decision making for future planning. With the business intelligence available to us today, why would we make another decision without gathering all the facts? Would you recommend treatment to a patient without asking them to open wide? Would you continue treatment without a new exam?

Instead of looking for areas to cut costs, we can help you see where to invest to maximize growth.

We’ve invested a TON of research and development into Practice ZEBRA™, an advanced and innovative software solution that connects practice and marketing intelligence to improve practice performance at every phase of the patient journey. With hundreds of dental offices on Practice ZEBRA™, we can show you just where you need to focus treatment. 

Practice ZEBRA™ turns your “data” into information that will drive good decision making.

Don’t wait for anything to hurt. Book an appointment for a “checkup” (aka free demo) and see exactly where your practice is trending and what strategies will be best for your practice in 2019. We’ll help you understand your metrics and trends, your market opportunity, and your online situation. 

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