Why Your Dental Website Must Be Secure!

Be proactive & GET SECURE!

At Patient News, we are always looking out for our clients’ best interest … and even that of our future clients’. Over the years, we have seen more and more security breaches on the web. As a healthcare professional, you need to take these types of security issues seriously.

In this blog you will learn:

  • Why will an SSL keep your website secure?
  • Why must you have an SSL to be HIPAA compliant?
  • Why will an SSL help you rank better in Google?

But wait! What does SSL stand for and why should I care?

SSL stands for SECURED SOCKETS LAYER. An SSL uses standard security technology to ensure the connection between a website (abcdental.com) and a browser (Google) is encrypted and therefore secure. It ensures that the data passed between a website and a browser is, and remains, integral and private. A website cannot be secure without an SSL.

And what does “secure” actually mean?

Websites with an SSL protects a user in 3 different ways:

  • Encryption – ensures that a web visitors’…
    • activity cannot be tracked
    • personal info cannot be hacked
  • Data integrity – stops files and information from being corrupted during transfer (e.g. when forms are submitted)
  • Authentication – protects against attacks and builds user trust.

Is An SSL Required For HIPAA Compliance?

Yes. Data security on a dental website is extremely important.

Many people think that an SSL is used specifically for ecommerce stores, specifically around the protection of credit cards. Not true.

The SSL helps protect against a personal information breach such as theft of email and patient information that may be filled out on a new-patient online form or a form to request an appointment. Take careful note. There are specific types/versions of SSLs that are HIPAA-approved. Please feel free to reach out to your account executive here at Patient News and we can help ensure you are set up correctly by “scanning” your website. Below is one such SSL scan for one of our clients. Because we always ensure we follow the most updated protocols, they received an excellent “A” grade.

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Will An SSL Help My Rankings In Google?

Google has over 200 different factors that determine why your website ranks on page one (or why it doesn’t!). Since 2014, an SSL certificate has been one of those ranking factors. This has been proven by looking at page-one results to see the majority of websites are ones with HTTPS security.

We also know that the population is becoming familiar with secure sites. If you land on a website that is not secure and you see a message like the one below, are you going to feel comfortable entering any of your personal information? I can almost hear you say, “Not at all!”


How Do I Know If My Dental Website Has An SSL? 

Here’s a simple way to check if your site has an SSL. The url will have an “S” in the HTTP section. For example…

  • http/www.AbcDental.com does NOT have an SSL.
  • https/www.AbcdDental.com DOES have an SSL.

Another way to check if your site is secure is by finding a green lock on the far-left side of your address. If it’s there, it’s secure.


Be Proactive & GET SECURE! 

If your website is not secure, it’s time to catch up! Patient News can help you by providing world-class hosting which includes an SSL and many other amazing features like nightly back-ups, speed optimization, and all the storage you need for success!

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