Will This Year Be Your BEST Year?

Dental marketing can help you get there

I just got back from attending the Colorado Dental Association meeting at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park.

Dentist, speaker, and author David Maloley presented his talk, Best Year Every Year … and he addressed the “work/life balance fallacy” (he finds these opposing thoughts) … how personal time, creating memories with friends and family, and recharging are actually productive work time – that they create your whole life – and how you can use this as a means to stay fresh so that you can remain enthusiastic and innovative.

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Maloley suggested a three-step plan.

  1. Be specific with what you want.
  2. Get selfish by taking care of yourself rather than being stretched so you can take care of others
  3. Get simple by making sure your vision is clear.

He said he finds that dentists don’t know exactly what they want. He described some as bored, burned out, broke/broken, going through the motions, targeting x patients and x production each day.

To get out of this rut, first, figure out what you want and why. And then, determine who you have to become to get it. If you stop adding value for patients, he said, they’ll just find another dentist who can take care of them.

That’s where my team can truly help.

Is your time-off refreshing you? Are you planning to take a few days around the 4th of July? Would you like to have a better handle on patient trends, satisfaction, and practice marketing before then? Don’t delay. Maloley also said that indecision trickles down and causes a lack of confidence in teams and patients.

From our perspective, we’ve found that our most successful clients adopt our proven strategies, and then offload, giving the responsibility to our Account Managers to direct their marketing campaigns, the content, the targets, the outcome management … and they like to have themselves and their teams held accountable for participating in maximizing the success of those campaigns.

How about adding more value to your patient experience? Have you built strong goodwill and can see the results with lots of positive reviews and referrals coming your way, or could that area of your practice use a little work?

A great way to add value is really very simple. Better communication always wins. Start communicating more frequently and via different vehicles. It doesn’t have to take a great deal of effort on your part when you have partners like the team at Patient News:

  • Ensure patients are scheduled conveniently and not dropping off your radar
  • Ensure you have correct and up-to-date contact information including email and cell numbers
  • Show you care by mailing a custom patient newsletter to active and inactive patients each quarter that features practice news, information on a variety of your services, notices regarding deadlines for insurance use, or referral or reactivation promotions
  • Email a patient newsletter with added value educational content monthly, while letting patients know you would love to take care of their friends and family
  • Make it easy for patients to provide feedback and leave reviews by providing email and text follow-up.

None of this is rocket science. It all just makes sense. We can help you grow a more profitable dental practice – no DIY here! We take care of it all for you so you can relax knowing it’s all covered off.

Call one of our dental marketing experts today for a free consultation and find out how easily you can enhance your patient experience and enhance your work/life balance!

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