…How many of my HIGH-VALUE patients are NOT scheduled to come back to my practice?

This is the consistent response we’re getting from dentists across the country with a review of their actual practice statistics! Scheduling improves productivity and profitability, and controls stress!

Right now, do you know:

  • The percentage of active (visit in last 24 months) patients scheduled?
  • The percentage of new patients who are booked to have a second appointment?
  • The percentage of new patients who get booked AT ALL after their first visit?

Let me ask you this question. Of your top-value patients, how many are scheduled to come back? 

Dentists are ASTONISHED when they see patients with spends of $10,000, $15,000 … even $30,000 … and no appointment scheduled to come back!

Don’t be afraid to uncover your metrics. It’s better to know and be able to react than to turn a blind eye. 

Your goal is to have 80% of your patients scheduled to return. Understanding the dental business that you have on the books helps understand capacity, whether you need (or can) add an associate to support your lifestyle desires, and what process updates you require. 

Your team should be pre-scheduling with confidence. No question. “I’m going to go ahead and put you in on ____________ at ___am/pm. You will receive a confirmation as the date approaches.” And make sure you have an email and cell number for follow-up reminders. This is a perfect time to ask about the preferred method of communication for your reminders. BTW – you need 100% email for promotion and retention. I guarantee you don’t have that metric right now!

We are providing this valuable data to our clients with our Marketing Performance Dashboard – Pro Edition. With practice management integration, our MPD Pro brings all of your practice AND marketing performance metrics together into a single location.

That which is tracked and measured improves by 10% with no other change. 

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