You Can Instantly Schedule More New Patients!

Wouldn’t you love to find out WITHIN SECONDS when a new-patient caller doesn’t schedule? 

No problem. Practice ZEBRA provides the industry’s FIRST – real-time – INSTANT lost-new-patient notification.  

Using artificial intelligence and with keen accuracyPractice ZEBRA knows production is at risk when a new patient calls your practice and doesn’t book an appointment.  

With Practice ZEBRA, you don’t have to lose another quality new patient 

In REAL TIME, you will be alerted to each lost call – within seconds – almost before the patient hangs up  so you can take action and recapture the opportunity – and production. 

As your dental marketing agency, we know that the average new patient is worth almost double that of an existing patientIndustry-wide, the average patient spends roughly $1,000 per year while a new patient will spend $1700+++ – just in year one – and that’s before referralsThat’s a lot of value that is being lost if the patient is allowed to hang up without booking with you.  

With our focus on call scoring and training, we knew our clients were losing patients with a real interest in booking with the practice they called. Patients who our clients made a consistent dental marketing effort to attract – so when they’re on the phone, we definitely don’t want to you lose them.  

You can capture this extremely important point of contact – FAST – so you can INCREASE new patients and INCREASE practice production. 

  • You don’t have to lose production. 
  • You don’t have to lose a quality patient to a competitor. 
  • You don’t have to wonder why you’re not booking more new patients. 
  • You can better understand training needs and equip your front desk team to handle new-patient calls. 
  • You will improve customer service and WOW more new patients with your speedy follow-up! 

These AI INSTANT alerts include date and time of call, caller number, name, location, campaign type, and a link to the call recording so you can listen and respond to the new-patient inquiry – AND SCHEDULE A NEW APPOINTMENT.  

This is a no-brainer feature to activate within Practice ZEBRA. You won’t get an extraordinary amount of alerts, just the quality ones that need to be redirected. First, you’ll be able to work on getting those patients to book, and second, you’ll book more new patients as you’re able to coach your team to better handle ALL new-patient calls. You will boost production with this integral practice operation feature. I promise you won’t believe you haven’t had this visibility before.  

Go to Practice ZEBRA now and set up alerts in your personal settings. Not on ZEBRA yet? Ask your Account Success Manager to help. 

There is a ton of data in Practice ZEBRA that will help improve your dental marketing success and increase your practice production. For answers to questions or a quick update tutorial, contact your Account Success Manager 

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