You Can Make More Money With The Right Dental Marketing Partner

How can I earn more money?

When will I be able to retire?

How can I make managing my practice less stressful?

Are any of these questions keeping you up at night?

Making more money can solve many challenges – supporting needed new staff, training and CE, new equipment, improved practice technology … your new house, the family vacation … retirement.

Increasing production (and profits, so you make more money) can also absolutely make practice life less stressful.

According to the ADA, 96% of dentists cannot retire at the age of 65 and maintain their lifestyle.

The good news is that with proper planning, you can impact the value of your practice and your long-term security. The key is to get complete clarity around your practice intelligence and build a team that can help you take action to improve production and profits.

Over recent years, many of our clients have put their number-one focus on new-patient acquisition. We have recognized that “I need more new patients” means “I want more production.” Only recently has Practice ZEBRA revealed the true situation.

While a good flow of new patients may have been good for immediate practice production, patient retention has suffered due to lack of focus, and now it’s coming to light.

It’s not that any of these clients didn’t truly care about retention. Every dental practice cares: they are committed to good patient communication and treatment explanations, they care about keeping patients happy, providing superior services, they’ve invested in technology to make things more comfortable … but without strong retention marketing strategies, active patient counts have flatlined or declined.

Don’t be afraid to see your metrics. Once you do, you can take action. Practice ZEBRA gives you the insight you need to increase production and profits, so practice life is much more calm and enjoyable.

The logic Practice ZEBRA uses to track patient activity is standard – any patient without a transaction in the past 24 months is no longer active. If they have an appointment after 24 months has lapsed, they are reactivated. A patient with a first appointment is new.

I just popped into Practice ZEBRA and grabbed this screen shot of an actual client so you can see how easy it will be for you to see how your practice is trending – and then act.


We all know that every practice has natural attrition and you can’t avoid that – BUT – having both a strong acquisition and retention focus will bolster practice production, profit, and your income!

First of all, you don’t have to do it alone.

One of our coolest clients, Dr. Hazel Glasper recently commented, that one of the things she likes best about working with Patient News is that we made her realize she’s not in it alone. Her words... “They explain things you can improve or might not have noticed with the data to back that up and with ways to help you. It made me realize that I’m not in it alone. We’re in this together and it’s been amazing.”

Here’s how we can help:

  1. Practice Intelligence – Practice ZEBRA™ powered by our team at Patient News provides black and white visibility of every key indicator you need for informed decision making. If you’re not connected, ask for a FREE LIVE DEMO with your practice data today.
  2. Call Handling – Your Reception Team Lead will rally to improve customer service, patient satisfaction, and book more patient and new-patient appointments when you provide them with the training, scripting, and the support they need (find all this in Phone Power on Practice ZEBRA).
  3. Patient Scheduling – Like above, your Office Manager will be able to take action on non-scheduled patients when easy-to-use lists of lapsing, danger, non-scheduled patients are provided.
  4. Monthly Email Newsletters – Get the high-quality educational content you expect from Patient News in your monthly e-blast to patients. Open rates are double industry standard and it’s set it and forget it, so you can focus on dentistry and let ZEBRA take care of it all.
  5. Quarterly Patient Newsletters – When you mail a customized newsletter to your patient homes, your practice stands out. You will improve treatment acceptance, increase referrals, and improve recall. Mailed in envelopes, it’s the professional presentation you want for your patients. And don’t forget, consumers of ALL AGES like receiving mail and most collect and open mail the day they receive it.
  6. Patient Reviews – Patients are checking out their options and reviews are critical. Your patients are likely to give a review when asked, and you can let ZEBRA take care of that too with our automated Review Booster and response dashboard. Getting more positive patient reviews couldn’t be easier.

My team has a myriad of ways to help you increase production and profits, and at the same time, you’ll be improving the experience your patients have at your practice. Timing couldn’t be better for 2020 planning, so click here to schedule a complimentary planning session and free Practice ZEBRA demo.

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