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Our Awesome Team

Your Rockstar Dental Marketing Team!

The passionate and hardworking dental marketing staff at Patient News

Dental Marketers Help Build & Strengthen Your Practice

Co-owners President Karen Galley and CEO Wayne Lavery work with passion and energy and remain as excited and committed to Patient News and dental marketing today as they were when the company was launched in 1993. Every decision and strategic move is made with the positive outcome for our employees and clients in mind.

We are dedicated and determined to continuously improve our impeccable customer service record. We regularly survey clients and request feedback to track exactly how we're doing. All clients receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee for excellent service and product quality. We boast an NPS (Net Promoter Score) rank of 86, putting us in the same category as companies like Amazon and Zappos. As compared to 70,000 organizations, we have been awarded Top 100 Employer status four times! 

The members of your Account Management Team are trained and skilled in dental marketing and strategic planning. With average tenure at more than 10 years, clients receive real-time expert advice and support delivered with honesty and integrity. Joanne Bishop, Vice President, Jon Petrie, Director of Sales, and Holly Patrick, Managing Editor, work diligently to provide successful sales and marketing solutions for our clients, delivered with top-notch customer service and resources.

Account Management & Support


With 24+ years of dental marketing experience, you can count on us to take all the hassle and worry out of your marketing and advertising plans. Our dental marketing specialists, experienced copywriters, designers, analysts, and production specialists are dedicated to your success. We take care of all facets of your campaigns from planning through execution and analysis and are able to make adjustments to any aspect of your dental marketing campaigns at any time. That's one of the biggest benefits to working with Patient News.

There's security in knowing that the same person who talked to you on the phone, who understands you and your practice, can walk into our production plant to see your piece as it's prepared to go out our doors, ensuring 100% satisfaction with quality and on-time delivery.

With Patient News, you are assigned a team of individuals to work exclusively with your dental practice. They help to guide your marketing plan, effectively target, deploy, and follow up to ensure you’re reaching the goals you’ve set. You can rely on us for:

  • Data analysis, effective targeting & strategic planning
  • Extensive support & collaboration
  • Front desk training, monitoring & ongoing guidance
  • More than results tracking you receive intelligent analysis for good long-term business decision making

You receive unlimited FREE SUPPORT from your team. Please call us now with any questions. 


Our corporate culture and the respect and empowerment of employees is a core value. As entrepreneurs, just like you, we've had the freedom to create unique employee programs that have made Patient News a Top 100 Employer and great place to work. In turn, our enthusiastic team treats our clients with respect and professionalism. The Fish! Philosophy has played a big part in our culture, and you'll see "fish" (and DAWGS – our "dogs at work group") throughout Patient News!


FISH! PhilosophyWe adopted the Fish! Philosophy into our core values in 2001. The famous book Fish! by Stephen C. Lundin tells the story about the fish market in Seattle. PNP's Fish! Philosophy can been seen throughout all of our activities, events, and culture. It's a perfect motto for a group of individuals working together and it's also practical in life. The four key tenets are:

  • Find Ways to Play – We can be serious about our work but not ourselves
  • Make Someone's Day – Find someone who needs a little encouragement
  • Be Present – Stay focused for clients and team members
  • Choose Your Attitude – Being positive will make today a great day.

At Patient News, we value our fun positive creative environment and with these ideals in mind, we continue to recognize excellence in the workplace with our employee selected "Fish Of The Day"!



Patti Lou - EOY 2014

As an extension the Fish! Philosophy, we have many recognition awards ... including our coveted Employee Of The Year (EOY) Award. Each month during our fiscal year, an individual is nominated by their peers and selected for our Employee Of The Month recognition, and once a year, one of these individuals wins EOY! Years ago, the EOY received a "Fish! Philosophy style" trip to Nassau for deep-sea fishing! Since then we have sent people around the world including Paris, London, Manhattan, and Spain, to cruises and hot spots like Jamaica, Costa Rica, Vegas, South Beach, Cuba, Mexico, and the Dominican Republic ... all destinations have been exciting, well-deserved, and much sought after.  

Here Senior Account Manager Tracey Gilbert is flanked by Wayne & Karen.



Our Senior Account Manager, Carrie McKay with her dog, RooThat's "DAWG" to us! We've been a dog-friendly workplace since 1996. Having our four-legged friends onsite is a true benefit for owners. Staff are encouraged to bring their furry family members to Patient News where dogs relax by their owner's desks or enjoy a little fresh air in our outdoor dog run. These pets give their love indiscriminately (although treats help) and they definitely improve morale. You'll see those furry faces in many of our Facebook and Twitter posts! 

>>> That's "Roo" with Senior Account Manager Carrie McKay!