Dental Marketers Help Build & Strengthen Your Practice

Co-owners President Karen Galley and CEO Wayne Lavery work with passion and energy and remain as excited and committed to Patient News and dental marketing today as they were when the company was launched in 1993. Every decision and strategic move is made with the positive outcome for our employees and clients in mind.

We are dedicated and determined to continuously improve our impeccable customer service record. We regularly survey clients and request feedback to track exactly how we're doing. All clients receive a 100% satisfaction guarantee for excellent service and product quality. We boast an NPS (Net Promoter Score) rank of 86, putting us in the same category as companies like Amazon and Zappos. As compared to 70,000 organizations, we have been awarded Top 100 Employer status four times! 

The members of your Account Management Team are trained and skilled in dental marketing and strategic planning. With average tenure at more than 10 years, clients receive real-time expert advice and support delivered with honesty and integrity. Vice President Joanne Bishop, Director of Sales Jon Petrie, Director of Digital Marketing Grant Gooley, and Managing Editor Holly Patrick work diligently to provide successful sales and marketing solutions for our clients, delivered with top-notch customer service and resources.