10 Brilliant Dental Marketing Advertising Ideas


Low-cost or free ways to bring new patients your way

Let’s say you love sushi and just learned your town’s getting a new sushi shop. This is a game-changer!

At this point, you only know the restaurant’s name … so you turn to your trustworthy friend Google to find out more. After all, you need to know how to get there to make the grand opening!

But quickly your excitement fizzles out because of what you find – and don’t find – online.

Online search results are critical to your practice.

As a dental practice owner, online search results are critical to your practice – just as it is to the owner of that sushi shop.

Did you know 60% of consumers have looked up a business at least six times in one year? And your star rating better be great – it’s the number-one thing consumers look at to evaluate a business. 


So, whether you’ve just opened a new practice location or have been in the same place for years, here are 10 brilliant low-cost or free dental marketing advertising ideas to get more new patients to call you!

  1. Get influencers on board.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Well, in your case, it could also be worth thousands of dollars to your dental practice. Models, celebrities, and famous bloggers have all helped brands reach a larger audience and build trust in their products. But if you don’t have access to big names, don’t worry.

You can launch your own influencer strategy by doing the following:

    • Ask friends and family to like, comment, and share on your social channels (the best ones for marketing a dental practice are Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.)
    • Reach out to your current patients who are local celebrities (politicians, musicians, athletes, etc.). Ask them to write a blog for you, a review on Google My Business, or share your page. This kind of marketing is organic and can have a very positive impact on your integrity and reputation in your area. Plus, doesn’t everyone love to help their trusted friends and contacts to succeed?

Just think of the hundreds, if not thousands, of followers your potential influencers are connected to. An endorsement like this can work wonders for your dental marketing in a very short period of time.

  1. Boost your website’s speed.

If you currently have a dental marketing website, do you know how long it takes for the content to load on the homepage?

If your site takes over three seconds to load, you could be losing as much as 40% of your visitors. This stat comes from Neil Patel who, according to The Wall Street Journal, is a “top influencer on the web.”

Prospective patients don’t have the time or patience to wait around. If your site moves at a snail’s pace, you’re likely going to lose that new-patient opportunity. To get a quick analysis of your website’s loading times, visit Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

Here are some things you can do to reduce load times…

    • Simplify your website’s design. Fancy bells and whistles can also be distracting.
    • Optimize image files and ensure they are in the correct format.
    • Avoid using page redirects whenever possible.
  1. Write blogs to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ranking.

    By writing and posting blogs to your dental website on a regular basis (we recommend monthly), you not only give your audience fresh content to look forward to, you also move up the ladder on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. These sites look for regularly posted relevant content that lines up with the user’s intent.

Make sure your dental blogs contain…

    • unique, valuable content
    • the right tone of voice (the way you communicate your brand’s personality)
    • 1-2 long-tail keywords (three- or four-word phrases that are specific to your dental practice), e.g. Invisalign® provider in Boise.
    • at least one image.
  1. Don’t miss out on reviews!

    Nowadays, just about everyone wants to see what others have to say about a business or product they’re interested in. In fact, more than half of consumers choose businesses with positive reviews!

Imagine what that can mean to your dental practice. When it comes to picking a dentist, reviews are an essential part of the consideration and research stage of the patient journey.

Make sure you have a steady flow of positive reviews on Google, RateMD, Yelp, and Facebook. In order to grow your reviews, you can…

    • Ask your satisfied patients – right after their treatment – to kindly provide an online review
    • Make it easy to post a review (add a link on your homepage) – something we do on all of our WebLiftTM websites.
    • Use an automated review management platform that asks your patient for a review while providing them value-added educational articles. Ask your Patient NEWS Account Manager how to make this a reality with Review BoosterTM!
  1. Update your online listings.

    If you don’t want to send your prospects on a wild goose chase, you’ll want to make sure all your online listings are up to date. Think of these sites like the digital version of a phonebook. They help people find you, quickly and easily. The information that needs to be accurate includes…

    • practice name
    • address
    • phone number
    • website address.

Want to achieve all this and more, but are unsure of how you’ll get it done on your own? No problem.

At Patient NEWS, our team are marketing experts. Our dental marketing strategies are designed to get more new patients to choose you and call you – and they’ll be well-primed to become your latest new patient.

We bring marketing and technology together with a full suite of dental marketing solutions such as…

  • WebLift™  – dental websites designed with the user experience in mind
  • Direct Mail  – Get in the home of your next new patient
  • Review Booster™
  • Reputation Management  – We’ll help you generate more positive reviews and 4-star-plus ratings
  • Practice ZEBRA™  – Track your practice performance and marketing campaigns with real-time data – anywhere, anytime.

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