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Direct mail remains a strong dental marketing option among dental practices for its proven ability to increase readership and subsequently boost conversion rates. Improvements in demographic data collection have led to more personalized and targeted direct mail dental marketing campaigns, resulting in a higher return on investment for practices in terms of budgeting their marketing dollars.

While direct mail can take many different forms, it is universally agreed that dental postcards are among the most efficacious methods for patient acquisition. As simple, yet informative and eye-catching pieces, dental postcards can pack a powerful punch when combined with high quality educational newsletters to form a unique and well-branded campaign. Additionally, postcards alone don't truly allow dentists to share their expertise. If you become known as the “postcard promotion dentist,” this may have a negative effect on your brand over the long term, reducing your ability to attract quality patients. It takes more than a few graphics and a special offer to create a compelling dental postcard. Here are four tips on how to produce more effective dental marketing postcards.

1. A clear, bold and clever headline

Naturally, headlines are the first things that a reader's eyes will be drawn to. Therefore, it is imperative that the headline stands out boldly and reads clearly, with no confusing language or ambiguous words.

2. A valuable offer

One of the keys to the continued and consistent success of direct mail is due to the added value presented by the offers on these mailers. Prospective patients are looking for value from the marketing materials they receive. The educational content in a dental newsletter will build your brand image, with information to trigger a response, and when supported by a dental postcard to increase mail frequency, you will strengthen your overall response. Offers like free consultations, discounted services, free-with-insurance or 2-for-1 deals are all attractive offers that can be easily promoted on a dental newsletter and postcard. Make sure that all the terms of the offer are clearly delineated.

3. A color scheme that pops

Your dental postcards and newsletters should fully support your brand image. Employ a professional marketing design firm to ensure that the headlines and other text stands out from the background color and that you don't overstuff each piece with information. Use the latest research and technologies to ensure that your content will entice your target market.

4. A Call-To-Action

This is ultimately the most valuable aspect of your direct mail dental postcards and newsletters. After all, you're not merely presenting information for your potential patients, but also convincing them to take direct action with your practice. Tell your prospects exactly what you want them to do - use phrases such as "Call today for more information." Along those lines, don't forget to include accurate contact information, utilize a call tracking number with recording to help improve conversion rates and be sure to prominently feature your physical address, map and website URL. Make it easy and accessible for direct mail readers to be able to contact you.

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