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Are you marketing via social media yet?

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Social Media at the Dental Practice

The world has certainly changed over the past two decades with the growth of the internet. It's hard to imagine a world where the web doesn't provide people with entertainment options and educational information. Therefore, your dental marketing campaigns cannot afford to neglect the obvious influence the internet has on prospective patients today, especially in the arena of social media.

According to a study conducted by Pingdom, the user base of social media, which is traditionally thought of as a resource employed by younger consumers, is actually comprised of a much wider spectrum of people. The study found that 55 percent of Twitter users are 35 or older, and 65 percent of Facebook members are over the age of 35. As a dentist, marketing through those social networks can help you increase the amount of traffic that comes through the front door of your practice.

People engage on social networking sites for entertainment and fun, but they also follow their favorite brands through these channels. While the main objective of your dental advertising campaigns is to drive more business and increase revenue streams, you need to keep readership in mind. Therefore, you must publish educational tips and information about your dental services to keep the attention of prospective patients on your oral health care services. What's more, when you post content that resonates with a significant amount of people, those readers will be inclined to share it with their family and friends. This helps you effectively increase lead generation.

However, it can be a great hassle to manage a social media account for your dental practice. After all, you have many other responsibilities to take care of, and posting regular updates to your Facebook page can't always take precedence over updating your financial records or tending to paying patients. Fortunately, Patient News has developed a thorough dentistry marketing program tailored to your social media needs.

With Patient News' Facebook media content package, you and your team will amplify your brand as an authority, save time and anxiety over what to post next and support your print marketing campaigns effectively. While you still want to focus the bulk of your attention on direct mail marketing efforts and use patient newsletters to attract patients-of-record, social media can play a beneficial supporting role in your branding initiatives. If you haven't explored social media marketing yet, the time to start is now.