If you've ever taken the time to log into an old email account - an address you've abandoned, but never cancelled - you might discover that droves of personalized content are still sent to you daily. The amount of time and money that goes toward developing these emails must cost businesses a significant amount of cash, so why do these professionals continue to send mail to people who never respond? The world may never know.

The truth is, if you're going to deploy an email marketing campaign, you need to feel confident your efforts will pay off. The best way to make a significant impact and resonate with your intended audience is by targeting qualified leads - people with a proven ability to pay for what you're selling.

Having a maintained lead list is essential for email marketing, especially in the dental sphere. With competition ramping up and practice owners vying for the same prospective patients, marketing materials must be sent to the right people at the right time or else profit margins will dwindle. Of course, even with a superior lead list, dental marketing efforts can fall short if the right channels aren't used to acquire new patients.

Email newsletters are invaluable resources for practice owners. When they include value-added educational content, and are sent regularly to patients-of-record as well as any prospective patients that have inquired but never booked, they can go a long way in improving the customer experience, and conversion and appointing rates may improve exponentially through these campaigns. When it comes to driving more traffic through your front door, you need marketing materials that successfully convey your competitive advantage, and content should persuade fence-sitters into scheduling appointments with your professional team.

If you struggle to come up with great content to send to your patients, you might benefit from the help of a dentistry marketing service like Patient NEWS. The professionals at Patient NEWS can assist you in developing and deploying an email marketing campaign catered to the needs of patients. When you partner with Patient NEWS, you'll find that both patient acquisition and retention can be managed effectively, and when you take the time to engage with patients and leads, with professional communications, you can do wonders for your brand image and revenue streams.