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Are you using the right materials to drive patient acquisition efforts?

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Many factors go into developing a dental marketing campaign that attracts new patients. As a dentist, you might understand the ins and outs of running your own oral health care practice, but promoting your services requires an entirely different set of skills. The qualities that make your business and the people you employ so great need to be communicated to the people who live just around the corner. After all, oral health care is a personal experience, and your biggest demographic is often your own neighbors.

Patient acquisition is a difficult task. Dentists try their hardest to schedule more appointments than they did the month before, but the tactics many professionals use may be the problem. It's impossible to cold-call a lead and convey the right reasons to schedule a dental appointment - lead generation and conversion requires a more intimate and educational touch.

Patient News can help you create a dental marketing campaign that speaks to the right crowd. Its patient acquisition program has been employed by thousands of top dental practices across North America, and the dentistry marketing professionals can help you manage your busy schedule and your advertising needs. If you want to deploy a monthly patient acquisition campaign that drives new traffic through your front door each week, Patient News has a program suited to your needs and budget. In fact, the uniquely customized dental postcards, patient newsletters and email marketing tools can boost response rates up to 44 percent over traditional marketing methods.

Drive high-quality traffic through your front door
Dental advertising isn't just about acquiring more patients-of-record - it's about bringing in better quality patients as well. When your campaigns resonate with people who want the best dental care in the region, your efforts will pay off. The fact is that not every person cares about his or her health and appearance as others do. Therefore, you want to make sure you are using available resources to weed out the leads who won't react to what you're selling, and only target prospective patients with the proven ability to pay for top-notch services.

Dental postcards are effective in piquing the interest of better quality patients. Each jumbo-sized mailing features compelling headlines, attractive incentive offers and stunning graphic elements. When you send prospective patients these dental postcards, the mailings will stick out in their mailboxes, and recipients will engage with the content time after time.

Support initial engagement with educational content
Direct mail newsletters and postcards can help push fence-sitters into making appointments at your practice, as the information published on the print materials covers a wide array of topics proven to be of interest to your ideal demographic. Patient News makes sure that the information on your unique patient newsletters will appeal to your leads by highlighting your competitive advantages consistently so you won't waste resources on ineffective marketing campaigns.

Patient News offers exclusive use of this new patient acquisition program to its clients in select territories. The marketing strategy is based on two decades of dental marketing experience, which have led many practices to find greater success in their respective regions. When it's time for you to consider growing your practice into a business that provides oral health care to a wider audience, you need strategies that work. Don't waste your time on inferior marketing campaigns - make sure you partner with Patient News for your acquisition needs.