Some good quality patients.

The prevalence of social media is hard to ignore, but don't get too caught up in the hype and neglect to look at your dental marketing plan from an effectiveness standpoint. There is no doubt that businesses need to spread their promotional campaigns across several channels, but a healthy marketing mix revolves around the product or service and considers how value is conveyed to the consumer, rather than which verticals are popular at the moment. In order to build trust with community members and immerse your brand in the local culture, you need to make sure you're using marketing materials that resonate with a wide demographic of people.

Recently, Forbes published an article in which author Kimberly E. Stone said social media outlets are places to rant, rave and review, and the platforms have become a streamlined force of communications and reliability for consumers, not necessarily brands. What Stone was getting at is that outlets like Facebook and Twitter can provide space for your consumers to talk about your brand, but the outlets aren't always effective marketing channels. In order to promote services successfully, it often pays to focus greater attention on traditional dental advertising techniques.

In patient retention, it may be worthwhile to consider print media above all digital plans as a way to bolster existing communications. According to a recent Ipsos MediaCT's 2012 Mendelsohn Affluent Survey, households making 100K+, referred to as "Affluents" by the study, reaffirm the power and influence of print media in their lives, even with digital technology penetrating the marketplace. The study finds that 82 percent of Affluents regularly read at least one of the 150 measured print publications that circulate regularly.

While the study's findings apply to print publications, you should consider the media preference when you conceptualize your next direct mail campaign. In your efforts to attract better quality patients to your oral health care practice, you should make sure your main focus is on developing direct mail campaigns that leave long-lasting impressions with readers.

Patient newsletters are attention-grabbing mailers that feature well-written and engaging articles that are proven to be of interest to your target audience. When you send your patients-of-record or prospective new customers these aesthetically pleasing newsletters supported by high quality postcards and brand building email, you support your image, give readers something to talk about and benefit from the spending powers of Affluent buyers who remain loyal to print media.