Become a credible practice with dental direct mail

The world of dentistry is complex, and in order for you to build your book-of-patients and garner a loyal following, you need to offer prospects and current patients more than superior services. A high-quality dentist provides his or her patients with a wide array of information to help improve oral health. In some cases, taking the time to conceptualize regular patient newsletters can leave long-lasting impressions, as these mailings can cover a diverse range of topics that educate readers. A patient may be unaware of all the procedures you offer, and patient newsletters can be the liaison that you need.

These mailings can introduce new topics and services that your practice has just begun to provide patients, and they can encourage readers to call the practice directly to learn more intricate details. In order to improve dentist-to-patient relationships, your direct mail needs to include compelling calls to action. Sending educational information is important, but if readers aren't told how to respond to these articles, you won't generate as high of a return as you might want. Therefore, when you do take the time to speak about a recently unveiled procedure, make sure you let your readers know that they can call your practice and speak with someone over the phone to learn more. This gives your dental advertising materials more credibility, as your staff members are also subject matter experts in the field (ensure that your frontline team is trained on all of your services and active marketing campaigns and offers so they are prepared to answer questions which will build patient confidence). All in all, your dental direct mail can prove to be the most valuable outreach program you employ at your practice.

While you might understand the basics of direct mail, such as it involves sending printed materials to readers, you may not realize how powerful the practice can be in the dental market. Patient newsletters reach 100 percent of your intended audience, which is much higher than platforms like social media and email. What's more, the content you include in your patient newsletters is proven to be of interest to readers, and when you partner with Patient News, the mailings will only be sent to people with your ideal demographic criteria. This helps you cut costs associated with advertising and marketing without sacrificing quality and effectiveness.

Dentistry marketing is the only way you'll grow your practice into the business of choice in the area. Patient newsletters are essential components in any campaign, as they help you further establish credibility and authority in an increasingly competitive sphere.