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Can customer satisfaction surveys and direct mail marketing help your dental practice?

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There are many difficult questions that dentists face when deciding on a marketing blueprint for a new fiscal quarter. Should the new budget be allocated toward SEO marketing and online tactics, or should funds be put toward traditional mailings campaigns and letterheads? What avenue will bring the maximum return on investment, and will customers be happy with offered services and initiatives?

These are just a few of the many crossroads that can crop up, and you must follow the best dental practice marketing tactics to ensure the success of your business. Read on to discover a few of the ways you can accomplish this goal.

Targeting areas that require improvement
Before embarking on a direct mail campaign, you first need to identify which aspects of your business require a few changes. This can be very challenging, especially in medical professions like the dental industry. 

"In my opinion, the industry continues to struggle with identifying a common framework for applying and executing programs and learning from the results of their efforts on a continuous basis," said Mike Savage,'s Vice President of Marketing Solutions, in a press release.

However, there is an easy solution – customer satisfaction surveys and other client research innovations. These options can help you spotlight hidden problems that you didn't even suspect existed. For example, if your clients are unhappy with brochure information, you can re​-launch a dental marketing campaign that features extra details about surgical and cosmetic procedures. Plus, there is no subject limit to the questions – you can even ask your clients about the effectiveness of a direct mailing campaign and use the results to improve your next round of mailings. Just remember not to spam patients – annual surveys that launch every quarter are better than questionnaires that are sent out every other week.

Focus on direct mailing, but don't forget about online practices
The key to successful marketing in the digital age is striking a balance between virtual initiatives and physical content delivery. SEO marketing, social media campaigns and blogging are all exceptionally useful ways for dentists to reach out to potential clients, but these strategies cannot be the end-all, be-all – instead, bridge the gap between the two worlds with hashtags, promotional linking and informational brochures. Patients might be drawn to a website for convenient, easily-accessible information, but a print-out of options can assist when traveling to and from the office or explaining options to a friend or family member. There is something beneficial about having a paper description of medical procedures in your hand.

Crafting content toward the correct target audience
Luckily, because everyone needs to maintain oral health, dentists have a slightly easier task in gearing written content toward a target demographic group. Brochures and patient mailings can be filled with general information about anything from dental insurance policies to trends in the dental marketing sector – most people will find this information at least interesting enough to read once.

However, if you are facing a specific issue, you should keep the demographics of your recipients in mind, which can be accomplished through evaluating statistics like age, gender and geographical location. Make sure your articles are being sent to the right people, and if possible, create a few different versions of newsletters to send to each specific subgroup.

The overall benefit of direct marketing
The internet has offered the world a way to get in touch at a moment's notice, but web surfers are inundated with an incredible amount of advertising. Direct mail gives you the opportunity to reach them where it counts – in the home or office – without the need for an internet connection.