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Complement your direct mail efforts with email newsletters

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When you are tasked with retaining the attention of your patients, you want to put yourself in a unique professional position and become the authority local consumers rely upon for answers to their questions.

Dental practice marketing is an essential part of educating and building rapport with patients. Without regular interactions, people may forget where their loyalty lies and make appointments with competing practices. If you want a loyal following, you need to keep your name in front of patients and send them engaging content. While direct mail provides you with 100 percent reach, you need supplementary efforts like email marketing to support your print outreach campaigns. Email produces a 25 percent reach, and offers you an additional way to speak with people across various media platforms.

Email marketing is hassle free, affordable and it can help expand your book of clients. You may want to consider crafting unique email newsletters to reach out to customers you have served in the past. These materials can build patient trust and improve practice credibility, so when it comes time for a person to make his or her next appointment, your name is on the tip of his or her tongue.

Dentistry marketing is an effective way to educate patients and help them make informed decisions about their oral health care. When you reach out to people on a biweekly or monthly basis, you are making sure your authority is well communicated to fickle consumers. After all, people act out of convenience, so make it simple for them to remember you with email newsletters.

Each mailing can feature carefully written articles that highlight the latest trends in oral health. Patients who receive this type of content won't be able to put it down, as the information is tailored to their unique needs. Therefore, when recipients obtain your latest mailing, it will touch on the procedures, questions and current events that mean the most to them.

Email marketing is fast and easy. If you want to make positive impressions on your patients each and every time you reach out to them, make sure you're using innovative technologies to foster lucrative relationships with the people that mean the most to your practice.