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In order to remain a successful and profitable dental practice, you need to make sure you retain the loyalty of your patients-of-record. Without a strategy in place to continue to build rapport with your current customers, you may find that your competition is stealing your most valuable assets right out from under your nose.

Patient retention is a very real necessity in the dental industry today, as professional oral health care providers all vie for the same prospective patients. Instead of depending on the loyalty of your patients-of-record to fuel your revenue streams, treat these clients as new acquisitions and communicate your appreciation for their business. Direct mail can go a long way in helping you achieve this success, as informational patient newsletters can reach out to your customers and provide them with the information they need to make educated decisions about their oral health.

While many dentists have begun to use social media and email marketing to engage with their patients-of-record, it's important to have a solid foundation in which they can build their practice. Print media continues to prove its worth in the marketplace, as it reaches 100 percent of the market share and can leave long-lasting impressions in those recipients on your mailing lists.

When you use patient newsletters to assist in patient retention you can improve case acceptance, increase patient referrals, create stronger patient loyalty and lifetime value and educate your loyal followers about new products and services recently unveiled at your operation. By creating personal relationships with patients through print media, you are better able to provide your recipients with data that can truly change their lives. Whether the content you send speaks to the need for better teeth-whitening tactics or the recent introduction of high-quality oral health care resources, make sure the tone used in your patient newsletters resonates with the intended audience.

Oral health care is a sensitive subject, and your patients-of-record need to feel confident in your ability to provide stellar services. When you can prove time and time again that you are the best in the business, and your offerings are more valuable than your competition, your patient retention campaigns will be more effective, and profit margins may soar. It's time to put a greater focus on your patients-of-record, and direct mail can help.