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Managing a dental practice is a trying task, as the processes involved in acquiring new patients and retaining the ones already on record can be difficult. When it comes to the promotional aspect of dentistry, you need to be willing to engage with your patients in personable ways, so they feel confident in your ability to offer superior care. While you can speak to your accomplishments and provide your patients-of-record with various incentive offers, you need to have an additional emphasis on improving engagement practices overall, building brand loyalty through educational content and customer service.

A strong brand has a plethora of followers, and your practice can benefit similarly when you take the time to strategize how you plan to cultivate lucrative relationships with your patients. All in all, each party should get something out of the deal, whether it's monetary gains or improved confidence. When dental care becomes just a few appointments a year in a bland work environment with indifferent staff members, people are likely to be lured into scheduling their next dental visit at a competitive practice to take advantage of their offered resources.

Stable patient relationships are formed when dentists provide their clients with educational content and quality customer service. Patient newsletters go the extra mile in offering informative content to recipients. These mailings can feature articles that have proven to be of interest to most prospective and current patients, so sending the content to readers generates a 100 percent reach and improves the overall customer experience. It's important for you to engage with your patients even when these people aren't in your office chair waiting for their teeth to be cleaned.

Patient newsletters can feature a variety of topics, including tips on how to clean teeth effectively, introductions to the latest oral health care procedures and calls to action. However, you need to be prepared to interact with people who respond to your dental advertising efforts. If your newsletter asks recipients to call and make appointments or call and have their questions answered, your staff needs to be able to field any concerns that may be brought up and use superior communication techniques to provide the best care possible.

Here are two tips to better customer service over the phone:

1.) Engagement is a privilege - If prospective patients respond to direct mail marketing techniques, they've opened up their arms to what you're selling. It's important to take advantage of this opportunity and engage with these people appropriately. Otherwise, you'll have missed your opportunity for professional growth and your returns won't be as high as they could have been. In order to convert these callers into customers, your entire staff needs to be enthusiastic and educated on your practice. Giving vague answers to frequently asked questions shows indifference and won't lead callers to schedule appointments.

2.) It's about the journey - Engagement is not a onetime event - it's a journey. Your patient newsletters may have garnered the response you were hoping for, but you need to capitalize on the interest you've generated in your prospects. When you and your team take the time to guide potential patients through all of their oral health care options and provide them with detailed information so they can make educated decisions, you're building authority in the field and cultivating a superior dentist-to-patient relationship.

A high-quality dental practice understands the importance of customer service, so if you want to grow into the leading facility in your area, make sure your staff is on board and prepared to communicate to callers in an effective and genuine manner.