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Dental Advertising Strategy-Refreshing Your Dental Logo Is A Great Dental Marketing Idea

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When they updated their iconic logo recently, Yahoo was all over the news. Leading up to the final iteration of the logo, Yahoo posted a different logo each day as part of their marketing campaign for the launch. They got mixed reviews for the logo, but the value of logo redesigns became a hot topic as a results. This blog entry will go into detail about whether a logo update should be part of your dental advertising strategy.


Benefits of Including a Great Dental Logo as Part of Your Dental Advertising Strategy

Individuals can usually gauge whether your business is amateur and outdated or professional and modern just by taking a quick glance at your dental logo. When you are assessing dental marketing ideas, an effective and well thought out logo has a number of benefits:

·         Trust – Trust between your dental practice and potential clients can be created with a polished, basic logo. In consumers’ minds, a visually attractive logo legitimizes your practice. A strong perception comes from a strong presentation. Conversely, distrust and skepticism of your company may come from a poorly crafted logo.

·         Grab Attention – You can stand out with a recognizable logo. You can seed your brand in the brains of clients. This is because your brand becomes more established as more people see and remember your logo. For example, think of the brands that are ingrained in our culture. How easy is it to recall their logos? This makes a sharp dental logo an essential part of any dental advertising strategy.

·         Sends a Message – Consumers will get a good idea of who you provide services to and what services you provide with a strong logo. Of course, you cannot say everything with a single image, but you can say a lot in subconscious and subtle ways. For example, speed and motion readily come to mind upon viewing the Nike Swoosh logo.

Do You Need a Logo Refresh?

There are several key factors that determine whether you need to update your logo. How long has it been since you revitalized your logo? Like a house that was decorated in the ‘80s or a website that has not been revamped for over a decade, your logo may unintentionally mark your business as dated. Even the best dental marketing ideas will fail if your logo is projecting an outmoded style.

In order to survive, dental practices must evolve based on strengths and opportunities. That means the business you started may be completely different now. For example, you may have become known throughout the area as the go-to place for a specific procedure. As a consequence, perhaps your logo no longer accurately represents what you are known for and who you seek to help. A logo revision may be needed.

Finally, if you dental practice has undergone a rebranding effort, the logo should be included in this process. Even if it is just a slight change, you should at least consider changing your logo every five years. After all, refreshing your dental logo will appeal to your clients and your staff.