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In the dental industry, the amount of effort you put into building your practice determines the level of success you experience. While almost everyone already understands that they need to take care of their teeth, they may not be aware of all the available procedures that can assist them in the process and improve the quality of their lives. Fortunately, you can seize this opportunity and educate people on how your skills and talents as a dentist could help them long-term. In order to communicate your messages, and convey the lifetime value in becoming a patient-of-record at your practice, you need to develop outreach solutions that speak to your intended audience honestly, and encourage them to consider their smiles as integral components to their own happiness.

Direct marketing is the easiest way to foster lucrative relationships with your patients and prospects, whether they are considering their dental health, unsatisfied with one of your competitor's service, just scheduled their first appointments or have been loyal for several years. While in some industries, advertising is solely used to sell products or services, dentistry marketing is best used as fodder for your recipients, giving them digestible snippets of guidance that can steer them through their oral health care journey. If you have yet to consider how your marketing can influence all aspects of your business you have incredible opportunities on the table to increase your income and improve the growth at your dental practice. Generating higher profit margins and increasing practice valuation (in preparation for sale) comes from a significant customer base, patient activity and collections. Patient News can help along the way. Below are three ways Patient News and its marketing materials can help you reach new levels of success in today's dental sphere.

Spending is down nationwide, but dental growth is up
According to recent studies, overall spending in the dental industry has declined by over 5 percent however, approximately 85 percent of Patient News dentists report they are experiencing professional growth. Patient News allows oral health care providers to maximize their outreach solutions to improve ROI. Since results are seen relatively quickly, returns can immediately be allocated toward practice growth, and profits can be spent on additional dental advertising materials. Patient News makes it easy to implement a successful marketing campaign, one that includes patient newsletters, dental postcards, brand development, team training, dental brochures, social content and keeps patients coming back again in the future.

How many new patients do Patient News' customers see in 12 months?
As a dentist, you want to see immediate results from your advertising and marketing plans. The majority of Patient News clients often generate double-digit new-patient growth within the first year of their marketing campaigns. With this in mind, you might want to add team training to your program, and with your expansion, add patient education and retention communications to your program to greatly influence both acquisition and retention rates.

What is the next step after growth?
After you begin to see the growth you've wanted, you might also begin to notice how your current patients have already begun to refer your services to their family and friends. This is because when you use Patient News and put additional emphasis on your marketing plans, you are able to increase referrals and patient satisfaction rates directly, which also results in higher revenue streams.