Dental Marketing SEO: Drilling Down To What Matters


Move your practice into first place with these tips

So … let’s assume you have a slick-looking dental website for your practice that follows all the critical design rules. It’s fast, responsive, and contains rockin’ content that really showcases your team, your top services, and speaks to your female audience (the main decision-makers in their family).

Great! You’re almost there … but before you go “live”, you need to think about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You’ve probably heard this acronym before … but if you’re unsure of exactly what it means or why it’s an absolute must for your digital marketing strategy,  I’ll cut to the chase in this article.

SEO has been around since the birth of the Internet. In short, it exists to make a website rank well in search engine results. These online search engines (Google is one you’ve probably heard of!) sort through tons of online content (web pages, images, etc.) to help users find the most relevant results.

Why should dental marketing SEO matter to you? If someone moves into your neighborhood, close to your practice, odds are they will be on the hunt for a dentist for their family. They pull up Google and type “Dentist Near Me.” Within seconds, the most trusted and reliable sources appear in front of them. Are you one of those dentists? Or are you buried pages below your competition? If you have a dental website, perform a quick search right now to see where you appear.

If you wish the results were better, don’t panic! There are some things you can do right away to rise to the top in local searches.

  1. Check your listings. Ensure your practice name, street address, and phone number are correct on your website as well as Google, Yelp, Facebook, Apple Maps, and the numerous online directories that contain these details. If they don’t match up across the board, it can confuse users, search engines, and worst of all, cost you a future patient.
  1. Correct office hours. It’s important to have current business hours in all listings. By doing so, you may save a prospective patient from taking time out of their busy day to show up at your practice when no one is there.  
  2. Consistent online identity. Your most up-to-date website address needs to be in all listings.
  3. Positive reviews will propel you forward. Search engines respond favorably to dental websites that have many 4- or 5-star ratings from patients on multiple review sites. Encourage your patients to share their experience with you by taking a few minutes to post a review.
  4. A picture is worth a thousand words. Include a picture of your practice on your website and listings.


You can call us! As a busy dentist with a thriving practice, we recognize your time is limited. The same probably goes for your team members. At Patient NEWS, our dental marketing experts will listen to your needs and develop an SEO strategy that works! No longer do you have to be lost in the shuffle.

Let’s get you where you need to be – at the forefront of search results, converting more new patients because you’re getting noticed online as a leader in dentistry! Call now and talk to one of our marketing experts!