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Promotional materials are designed to change consumers' opinions about different products and services, but they sometimes face uphill battles against popular opinion. For every professional or item people seem to universally enjoy, there are dozens of companies that have poor reputations simply because of the services they provide or the industries in which they operate.

For example, airlines may suffer tremendously because of how much customers dislike flying. According to United Press International, the annual Airline Quality Ratings have found that most organizations offering those services are deemed mediocre at best by consumers. However, independent studies of those same businesses have found they actually offer excellent services and have improved remarkably during the past few years in categories including on-time arrivals, boarding times and baggage handling.

The reason for this discrepancy is more than likely due simply to many customers being predisposed to dislike their flights. Dental offices can suffer from this same phenomenon, solely because many people don't look forward to their cleanings and check-ups. Consequently, dental office marketing needs to take this into account and go above and beyond people's possible fears about dentistry. Here are some suggestions for how to accomplish that.

Dental office marketing should address people's fear

It's easy for a dentist to use dental brochures to claim her cleaning process is painless, because she won't be the one in the chair with her mouth open. However, when other patients offer their opinions and indicate they experienced no anxiety or pain when being examined, the impact can be much greater. Consider having long-time regular patients contribute some words to dentistry marketing materials to improve customer acquisition rates among people who typically avoid the dentist.

Dentistry marketing should, above all, be used to create a reliable image or identity for a dental practice. One valuable characteristic to emphasize in those materials is painlessness and comfort. To prove this quality actually exists at a particular office or practice,  think about including news and updates about the changes being made to keep the dental experience that way.

Discounted offers
Once a patient has actually experienced a dental practice and seen for himself he has no reason to be afraid of, he's much more apt to return for subsequent cleanings and check-ups. It therefore may be a good idea to provide a discount or similar offer for first-time visitors. When patients are shown they have nothing major to lose during the first visit, they may end up becoming the most unlikely of devoted clients.