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Your practice’s logo must be memorable and communicate your values and skills in a glance

It is the cornerstone of your dental practice’s brand, and it speaks volumes about the quality of the services you provide to people who see it: your logo. Think of a dentist logo design as the face of your practice.

Thus, it’s imperative that you spend the time, energy, and thought figuring out what it is you want your dentist logo design to say about you, your team, and the oral health services you provide. And a smart-looking logo doesn’t need to cost a small fortune. Some of the world’s most iconic logos cost the companies they branded next to nothing – and in some cases nothing at all – including the likes of Twitter ($6), Nike ($35), and Google and Coca-Cola (zero).

Tapping into Human Emotion

Your dental office logo design should encapsulate what you’re about, and it should include five key features:

  • Simplicity. Your logo should be easy for anyone to understand and remember in a quick glance. Think of your logo as an introduction or a high-level sales pitch to prospective patients.
  • The use of color. Different colors stir up different moods and emotional reactions in people. For instance, the color red is associated with fire and blood and is often likened to intensity, energy, and strength. Blue, on the other hand, represents water, the sky, and is often associated with trust and wisdom.
  • A distinctive design. You need to differentiate your practice from your nearby competitors. A unique logo will help your business stand out. It needs to be memorable, definitely not a molar and toothbrush motif.
  • Your customers. Your patients must always be at the heart of all of your marketing and advertising initiatives. From promotional products to your website’s design, you already know the importance of knowing who your patient demographic.
  • Longevity. Trends, like fashion, come and go. Concerning your brand identity, you need to look long and plan ahead. Will the dentist logo design you fancy stand the test of time? Consider the various formats that you will be using to market your practice, from traditional to online presentations. Keep your look clear and easy to understand.

As a dentist, you need a logo that reflects a clean, up-to-date, and modern dental practice. Your logo design must also resonate with your target audience – women. They respond well to red and blue tones, but not the stereotypical pastels. Women also don’t respond well to orange and yellow colors or colors associated with ruggedness like brown and dark gray though many may decorate their homes with these colors.

If your dental marketing materials are well-designed and implemented, your dentist logo design may just require your practice name in a simple font, and a good color scheme to make your practice stand out.

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Other Noteworthy Points to Bear in Mind

Let’s assume you’ve done your due diligence. You’ve talked to more than one marketing agency, and you picked the one that you think stands above the rest. You’ve reviewed some of the work they’ve done for other businesses, conducted a thorough reference check on them, and you’ve taken the time to vet the individuals that comprise their team. Before you make your final decision and invest your money in that firm, ask yourself these questions:

  • During the “full discovery” session, did the agency accurately assess your practice’s current situation? Do they truly understand your long-term goals? 
  • Do they have a dedicated account manager who will take the time to learn about your business and its challenges in-depth, and who will draw out your key competitive advantages to help your practice stand out?
  • Do they offer support and training to your frontline team to improve marketing results?
  • Can their proposed marketing campaigns and related materials be adjusted on-the-fly to improve your ROI? Or do they only offer static, printed materials?
  • Do they provide a real-time marketing intelligence dashboard and ongoing scheduled program reviews to analyze the results, discuss them, and make changes if necessary?
  • Will they provide thorough analysis regularly to discover why patients don’t book appointments?

If you’re uncertain about the answers to any of the above, it may be wise to rethink whether or not the agency you are considering hiring is indeed the right one to represent your dental practice.

Need professional and experienced assistance marketing your dental practice? We can help. For more than 24+ years Patient NEWS has worked exclusively with more than 7,000 dentists across the U.S. and Canada. Call us now at 1-888-377-2404 or request a callback.