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As a dentist, you may be wondering how you can hold onto your most valuable asset - your patients-of-record. If you aren't careful, the people who have scheduled appointments for your services in the past may not remain loyal when more attractive deals come their way. To prevent a large population of patients from jumping ship and heading to an oral health care practice that offers deals for first-time appointments, a dentist needs to communicate the long-term advantages of his or her services, and then showcase those benefits in attractive dental advertising materials.

But as a dentist you might not know how to market your products and services effectively. Promotional services aren't your background, and developing marketing strategies can be difficult. Fortunately, Patient News offers a unique patient retention program that helps dentists maintain a stable operational system and, in some cases, even benefit from word-of-mouth marketing. Consider using the following two content types to retain your loyal customers.

Patient Newsletters
One of the better ways to retain the attention of patients is by sending them regular content that piques their interests. Patient newsletters contain a variety of print content that covers a wide array of topics that pertain to the oral health care needs of clients. A patient newsletter sent one week could introduce new procedures unveiled at the dentist's practice, while the content sent the following week could include teeth whitening tips. All in all, these newsletters can help dentists keep their name in front of current patients, supporting the business-to-consumer relationship and fostering greater rapport that leads to greater lifetime value for both the patient and the practice owner.

Email newsletters
Of course, digital media is a growing point of interest in all industries these days. While print media grabs the attention of your patients-of-record almost guaranteed, email newsletters can speak to them in other ways, and those benefits should be embraced. The best dental marketing strategy includes a mix of both print and digital materials, as an intertwined campaign can often reach a wider number of patients-of-record and keep them loyal.

In almost every market, competition for paying customers is rife. You need to make sure you have the appropriate resources to retain your patients. Otherwise, the practice around the corner may steal them when you're not looking. Patient News can help make sure that your advertising and marketing efforts pay off in the form of higher response rates and increases in patient loyalty.