Digital Dental Marketing Ideas You Need To Implement NOW!


How to ensure your online presence continually captures new patients

If I do a quick online search for your dental practice, what will I find? Will it make a great first impression that will leave me wanting more?

In 2019, it’s imperative you have a digital strategy that works. With other dental practices vying for the attention of a sophisticated audience, your online presence must resonate with your target audience immediately. You have one 3-second chance. You also need to be the dentist of authority in your neighborhood by offering quality content that resonates with potential patients.

If you’re online presence is lacking, it could be costing you your next top patient. Don’t let it happen!

In this article, I’ll offer five digital dental marketing ideas that will help you cinch a rock-solid image on the web and in your community.

1. Digital Dental Marketing Idea #1 – Web Presence & Patient Reviews

Although more than 50% of your new dental patients should come to you via referrals from patients of record, at some point in time, these people will also search for you on the web. Will you “wow” them? Take a few minutes right now to do an online search of “dentist in *insert your town here*.”

Does your practice/name appear on page 1 results? Do you have any reviews? If so, are most four or five stars? No matter what, you should encourage your satisfied patients to post positive reviews because 92% of consumers read online reviews and 40% of those form an opinion of YOU after reading just one to three reviews! And 99% of consumers will phone a business after reading positive reviews!

Opportunity: When a happy patient is about to leave their appointment, ask them to post a review for you.


2. Digital Dental Marketing Idea #2 – Website Optimization

Your website needs to load quickly, be well designed, easy to navigate, and responsive. By responsive … that means it will look beautiful and operate perfectly on a smartphone, tablet, and a desktop computer.

To keep your website fresh and increase your success in those online searches performed by potential patients, it’s a must to blog monthly. Businesses that blog receive 67% more leads than those that don’t! And … blogs have been rated the 5th most-trusted source for accurate online information. Plus, it’s a great way to let your patients know more about the services you provide in a format they’ll easily understand, enjoy, and even share!

3. Digital Dental Marketing Idea #3 – Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Does Google, Yahoo, and Bing rank your practice for the best visibility in organic search? (These are the non-paid results which search sites deem most relevant to the user’s query.) If you show up on top, you’re going to get more web traffic. Between 70-80% of web users click on organic results and scroll past paid ads. And 66% of distinct queries – like searches for “dentist in *insert your town name*” – will get you one or more clicks.

Your website needs an SEO strategy to ensure your practice hits the top of page 1 of results. Hook up with a web provider (like Patient NEWS) who has their eye on your statistics and knows how to improve them, so that you get the results you need.

4. Digital Dental Marketing Idea #4 – Artificial Intelligence

You know about AI… but maybe because of a news article, or maybe you saw the movie about the robotic boy who could love … it was a good one. But what does AI mean to your dental practice? You can use it to make quick, educated marketing decisions. And that translates to stronger marketing, lower cost per acquisition, and better overall segmentation for your dental practice. If you want to be a leading practice and increase profits, you must master the patient journey and segment your patients accordingly. 

5. Digital Dental Marketing Idea #5 – Micro Moments

Micro moments happen every day – that few-second glance at your mobile phone to check for texts, emails, and to quickly do an online search. We all use our mobile phones like computers – and because they’re much easier to access, anywhere, anytime, users expect immediate results. They expect your practice to meet their needs then and there.

When a prospect performs a “dentist near me” search, they are showing intent, which means that a buying decision is imminent. You want these new-patient leads, so you need to show up in their search results. When the potential client makes the call to your practice, your well-trained front-line team can convert the patient.

Want more great digital dental marketing ideas?

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