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In the dental industry, you have to be consistent in how you market your practice if you want to succeed. With the marketplace more cluttered than ever before by aggressive promotional content, you need dental advertising campaigns that cut through the static and resonate with your intended audience. Through a well-designed marketing campaign, you might be able to retain each patient-of-record that visits you periodically over the course of the year. Without paying close attention to these customers, you might find it harder to keep them on record, and your competition may swoop in and steal them away from you.

Fortunately, patient newsletters can go a long way in patient retention, and with each new mailing you may even see your referrals start to significantly increase. Stonehaven Dental in Lehi, Utah, saw its referrals increase 10 to 20 percent without fail after they send newsletters, and they are so satisfied with the results, that they recommend using the direct mail option in your efforts.

Asking for referrals is a lucrative way to retain your patients-of-record while also building your book of clients. Approximately 70 percent of new patients come from existing patients, but it can be difficult to garner the necessary rapport with your current patients-of-record enough to request they recommend your services to family and friends. However, through patient newsletters it is much easier to convey your competitive advantages and see the type of growth you want as a practice owner.

When you use patient newsletters as a marketing solution, you can keep your name in front of your patients-of-record. Well-written, eye-catching content will resonate with each recipient and the quality will urge your readers to share the content with people close to them. The customized patient newsletters are easy to distribute, convenient to read and they provide you with another chance to prove your dominance in the dental sphere.

As a dentist, you already know how hard it can be to own and manage your own practice, so any resource that can help you maintain the level of success you have come to expect should be utilized to the fullest extent. Patient newsletters can be a worthwhile resource to your business, and your patients will often turn to these mailings time and time again for timeless advice on how they can improve their oral health.