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Incentives can go a long way toward convincing customers to remain loyal to a company. In competitive markets, business owners often attempt to sway buyers away from competing organizations by leveraging unique deals. Dentistry marketing is very similar, in that professionals who manage their own practices often want to improve through aggressive client acquisition techniques. Therefore, dentists who want to retain the patients they already have may want to implement dental advertising campaigns aimed at the hearts of buyers.

Price points matter
Customers are often loyal to the brands that offer low premiums on the products and services they need. If a patient has traditionally received oral health care from a certain dentist, but a competitor offers discounts and resides in the same area, it can be assumed that the client will at least consider switching providers. Dentists need to combat those thoughts by finding ways to reinforce quality service and provide deals whenever able.

A dental practice can use direct mail to target patients, offering them free or significantly discounted care options using dental postcards. These mailings can be printed with stunning graphics and bold text, immediately drawing consumer attention to what is being promoted. When an offer is highlighted in rich text and does not require recipients to open the envelope, the promotion may leave a longer-lasting impression. Patients who don't have to work hard to learn about attractive deals may be more willing to stick with their current oral health providers.

Study shows the impact of print media
Multichannel marketing agency RAPP Germany recently studied the effects of different offline and online direct mailing techniques to determine which led to the most purchase decisions. The report tested outlets like standard envelopes, printed envelopes, self-mailers, wrappers and email.

The study found printed envelopes, which are traditionally manufactured to unique specifications, were opened and read by 84.5 percent of recipients. The report ranked this print media option as the most opened offline advertising tested. Standard envelopes were successful with 75.6 percent of respondents, while self-mailers and wrappers attracted 71.4 percent and 71.2 percent of consumers, respectively.

What's more, the study found that surveys, printed envelopes and various other direct mail efforts led to twice as many word-of-mouth marketing recommendations as emails.

Dentists who want to keep their loyal patients may want to consider how direct mail can positively influence conversion rates. It may be time to update dental marketing strategies to include more printed materials, as online content has yet to earn credibility among many consumers.