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Dentists have many responsibilities they must balance in order to run a successful practice. If their practice received an award, changed its payment acceptance options or had to resolve other concerns, they need to have plans set in place. Fortunately, reaching out to patients and keeping them informed is easy when marketers use the proper dental advertising strategies.

Patients don't buy into online hype
A recent study conducted by Pretarget and comScore found some interesting information that may guide future marketers to use more proven outreach methods. The report revealed that even when a user clicks on an online advertisement, the correlation between that impression and a conversion is minimal.

Pretarget analyzed more than 260 million ad impressions across 18 advertisers, and found the correlation between clicks and conversions to be 0.01 percent. As a result, marketers who want to improve advertising efforts would be wise to stick to direct mail.

Is there a such thing as too much mail?
In a recent article published by Deliver Magazine, Andrea Godfrey, assistant professor of marketing in the School of Business Administration at the University of California Riverside, spoke about direct mail's influence in the world today.

According to the news source, Godfrey said consumers tend to consider direct mail as a more viable marketing option. She goes on to elaborate further, pointing out that, in some cases, customers are willing to take on at least twice as many direct mail messages as communications through any other media outlet. This finding may encourage marketers to reconsider the impact that  traditional direct mail methods like patient newsletters have on client retention and marketing.

How can dentists use direct mail?
Business owners who manage their own practices may want to use the postal service to improve client engagement. If there is a change in how the operation accepts payments, this information can be effectively communicated through patient newsletters. In addition to policy adjustments, dentists can also include content highlighting their practices' latest achievements, such as awards or positive press coverage. What's more, if there comes a time when a situation paints an unfavorable picture of the practice, marketers can use direct mail to assure clients that changes have been made to ensure that similar issues won't come about in the future.

When it comes to providing superior care to patients, speaking with them through quarterly content can help build unparalleled rapport. The internet takes much of the personal touch out of marketing, and dentistry is a private and sensitive subject, so it may be worthwhile to make efforts more meaningful through direct mail.