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The dental market grows only more competitive during tough economic times. Dentists compete with each other to acquire the highest number of new patients, and to make the biggest possible impact in the space, most dentists increase their marketing efforts. Fortunately, you can get a leg up on the competition when you dedicate resources toward developing a dental advertising campaign based around direct mail. Print media continues to drive traffic through the front doors of dental offices everywhere, and when you partner with Patient News, you may see a dramatic uptick in your profit margins, acquisition rates and quality of your patients-of-record.

Direct mail helps you reach 100 percent of your target audience, so every time you send out a new patient newsletter or dental postcard, you engage with your customers, guaranteed. Additionally, a direct marketing campaign conceptualized by Patient News can increase patient referrals, reactivate patients that are on the fence about scheduling new appointments, improve case acceptance and elective services and reduce the amount of time you waste on no-shows and cancellations.

When you work with Patient News, your direct mail efforts also become easier to manage. You are no longer tasked with addressing, stuffing envelopes and applying postage - Patient News does all of the heavy lifting, while you reap the rewards. Also, Patient News checks each address for accuracy, which prevents duplicate mailings and ensures that you only pay for the content you need to convert the highest amount of leads. In fact, since 97 percent of all patient marketing campaigns were mailed on time in the past two years from Patient News, you may find growth easier to come by than ever before. Therefore, it may be worthwhile to invest resources into your dental marketing efforts, so you can grow your practice into a profitable organization.

As a dentist, you are tasked with a variety of assignments that, if completed, can help improve the overall outlook of your organization. Even in tough financial times, with the right marketing solutions you can watch your business thrive. Patient News can be a valuable partner to have, and their marketing materials have proven to affect the future of dental practices all across North America. Discover how much you can gain through direct mail by implementing an outreach program that speaks to your practice's greatest qualities.