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Most consumers assume all dental practices offer the same services. You need to define what’s unique about your practice.

Advertising your practice is an integral part of a holistic marketing strategy, but are you using dental advertisements effectively? And what is the difference between advertising and marketing? It’s not uncommon to assume they are one and the same since they are designed to achieve the same ends, but they are notably unique. Having a clear understanding of the differences between the two will assist you with your new patient acquisition efforts.

Marketing defines your brand, and it manages the relationship between a business and its customers. It is your strategic plan that involves everything from conducting market research to designing your website and logo. It also includes public relations, using social media tools to engage with patients, and providing your patients of record with promotional giveaways.

Advertising is a subset of marketing. It is an important piece of your overall marketing strategy. Advertising is responsible for attracting new patients to your practice that are paid announcements whether they are placed in a newspaper, on a billboard, or online. The key to producing effective dental advertisements is ensuring your ads are informative and engaging, and they target the right audience.

What’s Unique about Your Practice?

Not only are there more dental practices advertising their services, but there is also an increasing number of advertising channels available to use. Assuming you have a broad and flexible dental marketing plan established, you’re still facing the heady task of differentiating your practice from the competition. That can be tough. In the eyes of consumers, there is little to no difference between the services varying dental practices offer.

From an advertising point-of-view, that means your practice needs a unique selling proposition that consumers will identify at a glance. Not only will it help you woo patients to your office and away from your competitors, but it helps you avoid competing solely on price (something all businesses loathe to do).

Thus, advertise the things that your practice does better than any other, and be certain the claims you make in your dental ads are truthful. For example, highlight how you make it convenient for working professionals to book and make an appointment outside standard business hours. Is your practice located near a major thruway and easy to find? That’s an advantage many of your competitors are unlikely to have. Are you confident your staff provides world-class customer service? Do you specialize in treating children or seniors? Think about what’s unique about your practice and use those attributes as differentiators.

Other Important Steps to Take

Beyond differentiation, there are a few steps you need to take to prepare and create effective dental advertisements, including:

  • Analyzing your major competitors and their services
  • Knowing your audience and what their oral health care needs are
  • Changing your differentiators as your practice evolves

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