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In an effort to grow your practice into an authority in the oral health care industry, you've likely flirted with the idea of implementing a multi-channel dental marketing campaign. When you have a plethora of materials at hand that you can send to patients-of-record, you improve your chances of organically creating word-of-mouth marketing campaigns. It should come as no surprise, but your biggest professional assets are your customers, and each patient has the potential to act as an ambassador for your brand. In fact, when you build such stellar rapport with your patients of record, enough so that they feel inclined to promote your services to their family and friends, you'll find that your practice can climb to a new position of strength in the field.

However, your patient retention campaign won't succeed unless you consider a variety of marketing channels and the type of content to include in each outreach program. If you're going to make the biggest impact possible, you need to embrace both digital and offline marketing avenues. Patient newsletters are perfect methods for marketers looking to appeal to a wider audience. Print media has a 100 percent reach, so initiating conversations with current patients  by mail can often generate higher response rates. Additionally, email marketing can support initial outreach efforts, offering recipients additional information to reaffirm brand loyalty.

When you learn the benefits of each marketing channel, you might find that your overall dental advertising strategy becomes more effective. Patients are more receptive to materials that speak to their inherent needs, and informative marketing content comprised of unique, industry-related articles, how-to guides and current events can go a long way in helping you establish your practice as the top choice in the area.

As a dentist, your responsibility is to provide your patients with information and dental care they can use to improve their oral health. In order to develop and maintain trust of your patients-of-record, quality educational print media can be the solution. Retain the attention of your patients-of-record with marketing campaigns that support your branding initiatives. Otherwise, patients may feel that you're indifferent to their loyalty, and your current patients may decide to switch to a practice that offers more regular communication than you.