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Every dentist wants to acquire new patients and grow his or her practice. Of course, this is easier said than done more often than not. With the number of oral health care practices coexisting in certain areas, dentists need to develop acquisition strategies that set their practices apart from the pack. Instead of sending the same old aggressive sales content to leads, practice owners may want to alter their approach to professional growth and begin to provide educational information to recipients. When a dentist looks at dental marketing as a way to foster greater rapport with people, rather than force their hands into make purchases, more positive impressions are made and acquisition rates may also increase.

How can marketing materials educate?
Too often, professionals view marketing materials as channels on which they can promote their products, services, procedures and professional advantages, but print media especially can do much more than sell. An educational patient newsletter is a great way to leave long-lasting impressions with prospective new patients, giving recipients the opportunity to learn more about oral health care and whether they could benefit from greater quality services.

In fact, newsletters offer dentists a number of new ways to convey messages that normally would only be communicated face-to-face. These articles can delve deeper into the nuances of oral health care, talk about how to maintain a perfect smile and then transition into important tips to consider when maintaining a bright smile. When a dentist neglects to look at dental advertising as more than a preliminary step in the sales cycle, response rates and returns aren't always as high as they could be. Therefore, it's important for each dental professional to realize that education often supports branding, and an acquisition approach that fodders the minds of recipients can be successful.

Whether just starting out as an oral health care provider or looking to expand services into new markets, dentists need resources that can help them thrive, and newsletters can help. Building a dental brand is hard enough today with many people looking to conserve finances, but when the necessity of quality health care is conveyed through educational content, dentists may find more people are willing to open up their wallets for stellar service. Patient newsletters can help simplify the patient acquisition process and improve revenue streams for practice owners.