Keep 'em short and clear!

Email marketing remains one of the most effective - and cost-effective - forms of dental practice marketing today. The near-ubiquitous presence of the internet, coupled with the proliferation of smartphones and advanced networks that provide constant connectivity, has allowed many consumers to check their email at any time of day, something that cannot be said about direct mail. Yet, email marketing contains many of the similar elements that direct mail features - it's chock-full of relevant information, occasional deals, the ability to send out to mass audiences while also focusing in on targeted groups and utilizing an excellent hook. It is that latter aspect that is perhaps the most important part of any dental practice email marketing - the hook, or subject line. While direct mail marketers have to come up with creative ways of hooking audiences and drawing them in beyond the first glance, email marketing professionals don't have much of a choice. The subject line, for better or worse, is the hook, and an appropriate amount of emphasis should be put on this. Fortunately, the subject line can also be a tremendous boon when executed effectively. Here are some tips on how to write efficacious subject lines for dental practice email marketing.

Tell a story
With a limited amount of space - probably no more than 50 characters - it can be very difficult to tell a full-fledged story. However, the main idea behind this tip, according to Selligent, is that your 'story' or marketing message has to be as clearly and fully communicated as possible within the subject line. This means focusing in on the main details - be it a new service, a special promotion or just a timely reminder to the patient - and ensuring that such information is prominently displayed.

Allude to the call to action immediately
It might seem ironic to begin with the end, but the conclusion or call to action is ultimately the most important part of any marketing effort in the realms of both email marketing or direct mail. The idea is to excite and enthuse the reader about what they are about to see within the email. MDG Advertising recommends using strong words and emphatic language such as "Don't wait!" or "Act immediately." The use of such wording creates a sense of urgency for the reader, prompting him or her to plow through the information within the email to get to the call to action that has just been alluded to. Always have your email provider run these ideas through the spam check to ensure that you're not featuring words that will end up blocking your eblast.

Always be * testingĀ 
As with other dental practice marketing efforts, the importance of testing content that will help you reach your desired audience cannot be emphasized enough. The use of symbols and tweaking words is part of a direct marketers analysis process. We've found that being consistent with a monthly eNewsletter program subject line has delivered the best open rates.

Avoid spammy language
Everyone knows spam when they see it and most people will start taking off in the other direction when encountering such marketing materials. This increases the importance of personalization, as well as the avoidance of using spammy language, the news source reports. Any phrases that could be construed as gimmicky - free, get rich, life-changing - should be avoided at all costs.

Finally, call your Account Manager to add our convenient, "set it and forget it" eNewsletter program. We'll keep your name in front of patients with top quality content, and you can worry about the activities in your practice.