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Email marketing has more relevance to dental practices than ever

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As technology continues to improve, consumers are more likely to engage with media on a widespread basis as part of their daily lives. The proliferation of email services - and the en masse adoption of them by users the world over - is one such example. As email innovations continue to improve, becoming more user-friendly, more people will be inclined to use them more frequently. More users connecting via email will spur their peers to want to similarly connect, which will lead to an overall explosion of email users. The medium has spread from being primarily consumer-based to being a viable option for businesses as well. To this end, dental practices should consider migrating some of their advertising efforts to email marketing services, as the medium has proven to be effective.

According to Thomson Local, email marketing has become more relevant than ever before because businesses are getting more savvy about how they use it. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) reports that companies have begun coming around to the importance of segregating databases, adopting more focused mailing lists and generally targeting specific audiences instead of just sending out mass emails. Because of this industry-wide acknowledgement of the importance of focused email marketing, the news source reports that consumer approval of the channel has risen over the past 12 months.

However, simply participating in email marketing for the sake of participating is a surefire way to disenfranchise fans and supporters of your dental practice. Instead, Thomson Local recommends focusing on content as the key to creating the desired emotional connection with customers. Creating targeted mailing lists that specify consumers who are more likely to visit your dental practice - such as those with a track record of health priorities or within the right income group - already gives your dental practice a head start. Focusing on content that would be interesting to this target consumer group - such as new innovations in the dental industry or special discounted offers on certain services - will make the email marketing campaign more efficacious.

"Brands are constantly learning how best to built trust with their customers, which is vital for successful email marketing," Chris Combemale, executive director of the DMA, told the news source. "This will be a great boon for business."