A hygienist or dentist explaining to two female patients.

A certain sense of passion must exist in every aspect of customer engagement to manage an oral health care practice successfully. Lead generation can bring new patients through the front door of your practice, but the hardest part is grabbing the attention of higher quality leads. Dental marketing initiatives that speak to the inherent needs of affluent consumers, with content tailored largely to women - as they statistically make the majority of household healthcare decisions - will often generate positive results. As a dentist, your responsibilities vary greatly, and it's important you consider how your marketing efforts play an active role in the success and growth of your business.

While the internet is perfect for creating and maintaining conversations with current patients, you need proven media channels to convert leads to customers in the first place. Direct mail has a 100 percent reach, and when you send it to your ideal target audience, you are guaranteed to see positive results. In fact, 85 percent of patients enjoy receiving and reading their dental patient newsletters, so make sure the content you send your readers includes engaging articles and compelling calls to action.

Direct mail works because it is a tangible marketing material that recipients can hold and return to in the future. When a household receives a patient newsletter that offers guidance on how to improve oral health, with tips and how-to guides, family members can refer to the document time and time again when attempting to improve the state of their teeth and brighten their smiles. Furthermore, because direct mail is a physical property, mailers resonate with readers across various senses such as touch and sight. In some cases, because patient newsletters can be physically held, readers are more likely to remember the information printed on the mailers.

If you want to develop eye-catching patient acquisition campaigns, you must focus your attention on direct mail and then support your outreach efforts with complementary marketing channels like email. Patient News can assist your outreach efforts by providing professional guidance based in years of industry research and analysis. Your direct marketing campaigns will receive the professional touch you need when you partner with Patient News, and your patient acquisition rates will improve. Through a new and improved dental advertising program, you will grow your oral health care practice into an authority in your area, which will affect every aspect of your business from the bottom line to referral rates and regional brand recognition.