Get A Massive Advantage With An Awesome Dental Logo!


One of the most important aspects of your practice’s dental marketing is its logo design

A dental logo defines your brand identity and gives your audience a visual element with which to associate your brand.

The majority of people – your potential patients – consider themselves to be visual learners. Memory recall is strongest with graphic elements. This is incredibly important to know.

Consider the impact of ubiquitous brand logos such as Nike or Apple and the powerful emotional connections and customer engagements that are created with them.

Similarly, your dental practice can gain high brand recognition and loyalty by…

  • updating a less-than-effective logo
  • refreshing a moderately successful logo
  • retiring your old logo and launching a new one.

Whatever you choose, it’s easy with the help of Patient NEWS’ expert designers who have been highly trained in winning dental logo design and dental website marketing.

There’s a great deal of science behind logo design. It’s more than your favorite color and a literal image. Your dental logo is a strategic business tool that allows instant brand recognition – its #1 goal.

Following close on the heels of recognition is identity & practice differentiation.

And what follows recognition and identity/differentiation is the meaning of your dental logo … which will be attributed by your audience and influenced by their experience with your practice – whether it’s through your consistent and continual dental marketing, by word-of-mouth, or the care you provide to them and their families – and through the intuitive emotional impact it generates.

5 top ways to achieve an excellent and effective dental logo design:

  1. Make it memorable & unique … just like your practice.
  2. Use only 2-3 colors that appeal intuitively to your target audience – women. They like blue, purple, and green. (Men also like blue and green. Neither gender likes orange and brown.)
  3. Ensure it’s modern. If your logo looks like it’s from 30 years ago, it will probably have the emotional impact of old-fashioned dentistry performed 60 years ago.
  4. Don’t be too literal. While there’s no mistaking the image of a tooth and what it stands for, consider abandoning the graphic for one that captures trust and represents advanced care, high quality, professionalism, value, and the excellent customer service you provide.
  5. Embrace simplicity! Incorporate only 1-3 elements, and if one of them is text, ensure the words are minimal, stand out, and can be read from a distance.

Finally, one of the greatest assets your dental logo provides is that it can be deployed far and wide and frequently. While a natural starting point is in the signage at your brick-and-mortar practice, follow through and benefit from the multitude of application


Put your dental logo front and center!

Because there are so many possible applications, your logo, file size, and type requirements will vary. A trustworthy and experienced dental marketing company – like Patient NEWS – who offers dental logo design services – again like Patient NEWS – will ensure they supply you with all.

With a strong appealing dental logo affixed to all your dental marketing initiatives, you’ll cement brand recognition, stand out, get attention, provide opportunity, and add your name to the conversation … all which will get your target audience to call your practice.

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