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Google Marketing 101 and one of the first things you’ll read is that you need to know your target audience and understand what makes them respond. In the case of dental marketing, we know that female heads of household make 92% of oral healthcare decisions. We know that women respond to warm, emotional content that educates, and that they make 85% of brand purchasing decisions. We also know that 66% feel misunderstood by marketers.

So as a caring D.D.S., what can you do to show these decision makers that you care and understand them? Read on for 4 tips to get R.E.A.L. with your patients and increase patient lifetime value to your dental practice.


Everyone likes to get something free and rewarding patients for their loyalty, referrals, and attending regular recare appointments is one way to show them you care. Using custom designed gift cards as an incentive to increase case acceptance, or nominal gifts when they come in for regular recare shows your patients they are more than a number to them. Coupons for dollars off teeth whitening, take home whitening at every recare appointment, or white fillings keeps your practice top of mind. … and remember, if you’re not sending rewards to your dental patients, someone else is sending them incentives to change practices. Let your mailer be the one they keep.


Women like to make educated decisions for their families. The more informational articles you include in your patient newsletters, the more your patients will understand the benefits, and the more they will schedule these appointments to support their oral health. As you continue to provide information about elective treatments, office updates, and reminders to take care of their smile, your dental practice remains at the forefront of their mind. By showing you care about your patients, their teeth, and their oral health and overall well-being with informative articles on the benefits of certain treatments and technology, they understand that you are not just thinking about them when they are in your office. Resonating newsletters filled with warm, emotive, educational content leave a lasting impression on your readers … making them more likely to reach out and call your dental practice.


Many patients leave their dentists because of perceived indifference. Without the relationship, there is no real reason to choose you over dentist B down the street, but when you present caring content about issues that matter to your patients, they think of you first when it’s recare time … or when their smile isn’t as bright and youthful as it used to be. A small article in your patient newsletter thanking your patients for their continued loyalty lets your patients know that they do matter to you. Using patient loyalty cards is another way to appreciate your patients. Thanking patients for their ongoing loyalty and trust shows them that you care, and builds the trusting relationship that you work hard for while they are in your office.


Patient satisfaction surveys serve two purposes. Everyone likes to feel their opinion is important, and surveying your patients gives them a sense of worth that goes a long way to increasing loyalty. They also let you know if you have any practice deficiencies that need addressing so you can provide better care. They are an excellent way to solicit feedback you may not get if you don’t actively ask for it. And since so many people avoid conflict, the simple act of a patient survey sent out with your patient newsletter will let people be heard … making them more likely to stay with your practice instead of silently disappearing into the arms of another dental practice.

People are happier when they feel listened to, and happy patients are more likely to accept elective treatments … and increase their lifetime value.

When you understand what they want, who they are, and why they respond, using patient newsletters, loyalty incentives, surveys, and gift cards give you crossover benefits. Education for patient treatment acceptance, consistent branding to stay top-of-mind and added-value promotions to support the perception of caring you establish – all while building your reputation as the professional to call when it’s time to care for their oral health.

Be the STAND OUT practice in your neighborhood with patient newsletters, satisfaction surveys, gift cards, and more from Patient News ... all customized with your branding to keep you top of mind. Call to book a free consultation today.