This Is Gold: Top 5 Tips For Marketing Content Success

This Is Gold: Top 5 Tips For Marketing Content Success

Karen Galley


How to connect with the female decision maker in your dental practice marketing

Connecting with female decision makers is one dental practice marketing solution

When marketing to women, there are 5 key players in the “game of connection.” Just like in a real live sports contest, each player is critical to success. Remove one or more players, and the game can still be played, but it’s outcome won’t be as successful. Same goes for dental practice marketing content.

1. Emotionally engage your patients, prospective patients, and your team! Here’s why…

  • Keeping patients-of-record engaged involves being responsive to their needs, offering the services and procedures they want when they want them, and informing them about your methods for reducing or eliminating fear and increasing comfort and convenience.
  • With acquisition marketing to get new patients, you are laying the groundwork for creating and maintaining their engagement with your dental practice. Your acquisition and retention efforts will look different, but ultimately have the same results, generally use the same language, and present the same message.
  • When you engage your team in your marketing efforts, you demonstrate their worth to you and that you respect their need for choice. You involve them in your practice vision and you respect that they are individuals who give you valuable input. You give them learning opportunities that are in tune with their individual needs and desires.

2. Build rapport – Consistently presenting your dental practice as the one that truly knows your female prospect’s needs and those of her family will build rapport, but it doesn’t happen instantly. On average, people need 9-12 touch points before responding to a marketing message.

By sending a monthly newsletter, you will build this rapport over time while providing the warm and rich educational content that women need before making the decision to call your dental practice. Consistently presenting the message you want these families to have is the key to a successful marketing campaign.

Connecting with female decision makers is one dental practice marketing solution

3. Appeal Visually –  True Impact Marketing shared the results of eye tracking studies using neuroscience (see image). Our brains respond before we even know it and neuroscience can even predict where on a page our eyes land first. You can use this knowledge when designing your dental marketing materials.

White space is a significant draw, as are flower images and appealing colors. Much as fashion houses and retailers have a significant investment in seasonal color trends, the colors that you choose for your marketing materials will significantly affect the results you see from your efforts. Balancing the ideal words, imagery, whitespace, and color so that the female reader makes the decision to call your dental practice can be a challenge, but you’ll find it well worth the attention.

4. Share Stories And Personalities – When sharing information about yourself, most people in your practice neighborhood don’t know that your dental school is the best in the country and it won’t resonate with most readers when presented in a bubble. However, sharing stories about yourself, the practice history, your community involvement, or your love for finding the best food in town will likely resonate with the female head-of-household reading your material.

In a study conducted at the University of Texas at Austin, researchers found that while men and women speak roughly the same number of words every day, what they talk about is vastly different. While men seemed to be more interested in speaking about concrete objects, women were more interested in speaking about people and their personalities. They want to know who you are and who your team is before they bring their precious family under your care.

5. Show How Her Family Will Benefit – In general, women prefer to be well-informed shoppers. They tend to research before they buy so that they can feel confident in their purchasing decision. Women want to know that they are getting the best value for their dollar, and when it comes to potential big-ticket items like dentistry, knowing how these purchases will benefit her family are imperative if you want to get her attention … and phone call.

As caregivers, purchasing influencers, and decision makers, the female head-of-household needs to know the benefits for her family if she chooses your practice over the one down the street. What are the benefits of your state-of-the-art technologies? What’s in it for her family?

Share your competitive advantages in a benefits-oriented manner … digital impressions replace goopy impressions, relaxing sedation options help her family get the care they need or let them have multiple treatments in one visit, and your handheld intraoral camera lets her see what you see as you plan treatment options together.

Use these 4 words to forge a connection with your readers:

  • You ... makes it personal
  • Because ... answers the “why”
  • Now ... meets the need for immediate gratification
  • Need ... transitions a want or a desire into an immediate essential.

When you follow these 5 simple steps in your dental practice marketing content, you’ll see improved patient satisfaction, increased loyalty, and increased lifetime value!