How To Increase Success In Dental Practice Marketing


How target market & demographic knowledge will increase your profit

You could decide that your practice is suited to serve everyone in your practice area regardless of demographic. With a wide array of services, unlimited conveniences like extended hours and insurance participation, unlimited marketing resources, and an aggressive growth plan, you could, in fact, own your backyard regardless of demographic. But like most dental offices, you’re likely far better served to target specific demographic patient profiles – those that truly are the best fit for your dental practice Unique Value Proposition.

What is a demographic?

demographic is a general term that is made up of a variety of personal common traits in a certain area. For example, you may practice in an older neighborhood with empty nesters and very few new families, or you may practice near an up-and-coming housing development that caters to young families or urban professionals. Depending on where you are located, you may find that there are a variety of demographics that you could target with your direct mail campaigns.

What is a target market?

A target market are the potential patients that offer the best long-term potential for your dental practice – the people who have the highest propensity to buy from you and remain as loyal patients.

When you are identifying the target market around your dental practice for your dental marketing, you want to take a deeper look beyond demographics, including geographic regions and the barriers that may prevent these people from visiting your dental practice lifestyle choices so you can personalize your message and offerings behaviors including the likelihood to buy dental services and placing dental care as a priority.

So for example, beyond the demographic of “empty nesters,” your target market may be empty nesters who have the means to pay for elective services and who place a high value on the cosmetic appeal of their smiles. These specific residents around your dental practice would be your target market.

While this may seem complicated, you already have at your disposal the two things that help you pinpoint which target market will bring you the best results from your dental marketing efforts … your engaged and loyal patient base and a leading dental marketing company who is an expert at market analysis.

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