What to do to get the response you want

Patient News' dental marketing agency helps you show your prospects you understand their needs

A Boston Consulting Group survey tells us that the average woman feels that advertisers just don’t get her and this has resulted in a vast sense of disappointment … especially in the healthcare sector. Let’s look at the key learnings from this study and apply it to your dental practice marketing.

Across all six key female consumer segments (elite earners, married with children, singles/married women without children, divorced/widowed, empty nesters, and those working to make ends meet), opportunities exist for all marketers to make improvements to their dental marketing message.

How to show your prospects you understand their needs

  1. Learning Opportunities – All women want to make well-informed decisions, but the key take-away from the elite earners consumer segment is that these women want learning opportunities. This provides you with the perfect opportunity to help combat one of the biggest reasons people don’t attend regular dental appointments. They do not perceive a need. By educating and by using language that resonates along with eye-catching imagery and design, you can educate this segment (and all others) about the critical nature of optimal oral health and its connection to overall wellness.
  2. Struggling To Balance – Anyone who holds a job while parenting young children knows there are never enough hours in the day to do everything, let alone trying to schedule and attend appointments during school or work hours. Time wasted traveling to inconvenient locations, finding parking, paying for parking, or waiting for appointments become an easy excuse to avoid the appointment in the first place. By emphasizing what you offer that will alleviate this stress – whether it’s a convenient location, free parking or parking validation, the ability to schedule the whole family at one conveniently timed visit, or an onsite children’s play area – you create a perception that you understand her struggles and are responsive to them by providing a solution at your dental practice.
  3. The Experience – When patients come to your dental office, your highly trained team anticipates their needs and provides high-quality care with compassion and integrity. You know this and your team does too, but your prospective patients don’t. What is it about your practice that is miles ahead of your competition, enabling you to deliver an experience to remember? Do you have one-visit crowns? A team of specialists? A therapy dog? Beautiful views? Guaranteed on-time appointments? Whatever it is, communicate the welcoming quality experience that she can expect for her family.
  4. Make Connections – With every engaging and visually appealing dental marketing touch point, women in your practice neighborhood will feel more connected to your team because you are using a personal approach designed to build rapport and trust. Your intention is to make connections, so you become more appealing to these women because you are anticipating and meeting her needs repeatedly – before she even tells you what she needs or wants.
  5. Aging Gracefully – Your dental practice offers more than just x-rays, cleanings, and fillings. You offer options that can restore lost tooth vitality, provide education to support excellent health, and make her smile more youthful. If you practice in an area comprised of a significant number of empty nesters, let your dental marketing agency help you meet this need head on by providing information on the services they will appreciate.
  6. Affordable Payment Options – In today’s economy, nearly everyone is looking for more affordable options. Did you know that 70% of people who have dental insurance don’t collect as much in benefits as they pay in premiums? This is a major disconnect and it’s costing more than money. You know that regular care prevents bigger problems while supporting health. Let your prospects know this and that you have options to help. Whether you accept assignment of benefits, offer CareCredit®, or have an in-house membership savings plan, most of your prospects will appreciate your care and attention to their financial needs.

    Does your practice offer little extras?
  7. Small Luxuries – If your practice offers little extras to improve patient experiences, share this information in your dental marketing. Massaging dental chairs, paraffin wax, aromatherapy, free Wi-Fi, relaxing views, beverage/snack bar, individual music, and TV/DVD viewing options are luxuries many people do not expect from a dental office. You’ve added 
    them to your comfort menu to make the patient-experience more enjoyable. These items are of great importance to some people, so as they say ... if you’ve got it, flaunt it. Patient News is a dental marketing agency that can help you find it and flaunt it!

  8. Recognize And Affirm – When you’ve used these tips to meet the needs of your prospects, your reader will no longer feel ignored. Your marketing will not only answer her needs but will proactively identify them while providing solutions, increasing the trust she has in your dental practice.

Now you know your next step, what’s her next step? It’s calling your practice … not the one down the street. Make sure your call-handling team is prepared!