There’s never been a better time to highlight the many benefits of orthodontic treatments

Orthodontics, or dentofacial orthopedics, was created to deal with the problem of malocclusion, but utter the word “braces” to most people and they’re likely to grit their teeth. Deploying the right orthodontic marketing strategy that educates and allays patients’ fears is essential, and doing so now may be the ideal time.

According to the American Association of Orthodontists’ (AAO) “Economics of Orthodontics” 2014 patient survey, the number of adults in the United States and Canada that are seeking or are interested in orthodontic treatments is at an all-time high. Also noteworthy, a separate AAO survey of adults who had an orthodontic treatment reported it contributed to significant benefits in their personal and professional lives.

However, for both general dental practitioners and orthodontists, though the surge in adults interested in orthodontic treatments may be welcome news, it can also pose challenges. Some medical and some financial.

With new data from the American Dental Association (ADA) Health Policy Institute showing that only 37% of adults visit a dentist annually – fear being one of the top two reasons they steer clear of dentists. It’s critical to dispel their fears and use all tools at your disposal to engender trust while promoting the orthodontic treatments you provide.

Highlight the Health and Cosmetic Benefits

Encouraging patients to consider having crooked teeth or a “bad bite” corrected may not resonate with them. Though highlighting the cosmetic-related benefits orthodontics can provide such as having straight teeth and an attractive smile, and how it can boost a person’s self-image is worthwhile, pointing to the fact that many health-related benefits are more likely to convince them.

Explain to your patients how orthodontics can alleviate or prevent other physical health ailments. Inform them that without treatment, orthodontic problems can contribute to a wide range of health issues including gum disease, chewing and digestive difficulties, speech impairments, tooth loss, and other dental troubles.

The benefits of orthodontics go beyond what we can see. A nice smile is only the beginning. Educate your patients on the improved overall oral and general health outcomes of this important treatment provides. Did you know that studies have shown that people are less likely to share an ice cream cone with a person who has crooked teeth? There are important social implications you can raise to help sway consumers to “bite the bullet”, or so to speak.

Brace Yourself for Questions about Cost

Regardless of whether or not people have or don’t have dental insurance, there is a perception of orthodontic treatments as a financial impossibility for them. Inform your patients and prospective patients that many orthodontic issues require limited treatment, and if they don’t have dental insurance or insurance that includes orthodontic benefits, there are a myriad of payment options they can comfortably afford.

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