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After finding great success through your print dental advertising campaign, you'll want to expand your reach and implement new outreach programs to retain your patients-of-record. The best means of retaining patients is by mailing a quarterly patient newsletter tailored to educate your clientele. To further engage your patients, you could supplement with email marketing. Email is a very effective method of keeping your name visible. While reach cannot be compared to your mailed piece (after all you will reach 100% of patients with mail PLUS more than one person per household is likely to read ), email can help pierce through the cluttered marketplace and reach patients-of-record even when they're on the go. However, email has to follow trends in the same way that online marketing must adapt to new, rigid guidelines. As more people purchase and use smartphones and tablets regularly, it's important that email marketing efforts easily translate to mobile devices.

According to a recent Google survey, approximately 72 percent of mobile users say it's important to them that websites are mobile-friendly. This finding also applies to other mobile web interactions such as social media and email. If you send your current patients marketing materials they cannot read on their mobile phones, you might not communicate the proper message in a timely manner. Therefore, make sure your dental marketing efforts consider the latest industry trends and effectively take advantage of emerging platforms.

Direct mail offers a 100 percent reach, which helps you drive traffic through your front door. So for 1000 patients, it's likely that 1500 people or more will see your newsletter. You can do the math on your email success expectations, but generally if you have 75% of your patient email addresses and you experience a 25%+ open rate, you'll reach 200 patients - you can clearly see that direct mail is the bomb, but email has it's place too. Together, these two promotional techniques build your brand into a recognizable and information hub that your patients will cherish and respect.

As a business owner, you must concern yourself with how your marketing efforts influence patient retention. Building a brand that cares about its patients' well-being can help put your practice in a favorable position, and the quality of your direct marketing efforts will keep the spotlight on your achievements and your drive to improve regularly over time. If you need help developing a successful patient retention program, the professionals at Patient News can be of assistance. With its extensive market research and analysis capabilities, the perfect outreach program can be designed to support your growing business.