Woman writing in a business journal.

In today's competitive landscape, dentists have the same professional goals as business owners across all industries - improving lead generation and increasing revenue. While many consumer-based services rely on their products to evoke emotion to encourage people to purchase goods, dentistry requires a more thorough plan. Instead of promoting the qualities of a product, dentists need to convey why their practice can change a patient's life. It's not simply a matter of teeth being whiter, but rather the emotional response that come from such a service, like increased confidence and business achievement.

Dental practice marketing must be developed into branding. A dentist who wants loyal patients should look for ways he or she can offer superior service and promote those advantages at the same time. In many ways, patient newsletters and dental brochures can be ideal solutions.

It all starts with gaining prospects attention, building trust and encouraging them to reach out to your practice. 

Newsletters are unique in that they can do all of the above. When sent out regularly, with invaluable information to current and prospective patients, they help practices grow. Successful dentists can become even more successful when they reach out with printed patient newsletters to educate and inform people about new procedures, process changes and current events. Readers will appreciate the dental service even more when they're kept abreast of special offers and how they can benefit from those options. In addition, newsletters provide the flexibility to inform patients about developments in the practice, creating a personal approach to customer outreach which strengthens relationships.

In conjunction with patient newsletters, dentists should use neighborhood newsletters to reach out to potential clients. These pieces can be printed with stunning color photos and information – eliciting strong emotional response. Dentists can include testimonials that speak to the quality of the service, benefits of the procedures and the convenience and benefits of the practice's competitive advantages. This is the most effective way for dentists to reach out to prospective clients in engaging ways generating the highest marketing return on investment.

Dentistry is a competitive industry, and those who want to succeed in it need to take an aggressive approach to branding, client acquisition and retention. It is pivotal for practicing dentists to communicate to patients regularly, giving them all of the information they need to look and feel their best. When dentists provide more than oral care and enhance their service offerings with a plethora of additional information and incentive programs, people will have trouble selecting an alternative practice.