ROI 3D graphic in multicolor.

Direct mail is associated with increasing return on investment (ROI), tracking real-time leads, monitoring the sales cycle, identifying metrics and measuring success. However, direct marketing initiatives that include CONTENT and not just OFFERS often achieve much more than numeric objectives - the practice creates long-lasting relationships with consumers.

In the dental industry, quality content and eye-catching graphics can draw an audience in, and the information can compel readers to consider their own smiles and think about where improvements can be made. Furthermore, the use of comprehensive customized newsletters, featuring strong educational content to generate quality new patient calls and help to elevate the practice brand reputation along with a corresponding postcard or brochure to highlight a further call to action cannot be beat for overall desired result. Direct dentistry marketing initiatives like this are a cost effective way to reach the ideal targeted households that a dentist would want to attract to their practice. And when addressed to the female head of household, if an offer converts the decision maker, the entire family converts. This makes dental marketing with Patient News an extremely profitable practice, and a successful campaign can help significantly increase ROI for a relatively low investment.

Patient News is a leader in the dental marketing industry, and can help oral health care providers improve their lead generation and conversion practices through effective dental advertising. When a dentist partners with Patient News, the professional is provided with assistance that can help the business owner position his or her practice for success. Founded on industry leading research and best practices, the content of each campaign is carefully developed to generate maximum result – stop the competition in their tracks and secure an improved practice valuation for the dentist. Patient News mailers are proven to interest better quality patients and encourage readers to schedule appointments. Here are three major benefits of a newsletter and postcard combination program.

Postcards & brochures are easy, that’s why everyone does them
Human to human communication takes relevant information, educational content, images, time and consistency. Of course, there are analytics features that help marketers track their efforts, but even those practices can fall through the cracks. Patient newsletters have a 100 percent reach and are comprised of information that is proven to be of interest to prospective patients driving response. Additionally, a dentist creates conversations with a wide array of people when he or she sends patient newsletters to the community, and the authoritative mailer helps the practice garner an authoritative reputation in a competitive industry.

Dentists who want to become the leading oral health care provider in their regions need to use marketing strategies that help convey the competitive advantages of dental practices, enhance their image while growing their practice through new patient generation.

A picture says a thousand words
It's hard to argue against consumer demand for visual content. Fortunately, patient newsletters feature stunning graphic elements that draw readers into the content. Education supported by exceptional imagery will encourage prospective patients to take the appropriate steps to improve the brightness and health of his or her look as a direct result of the content. A picture can say a thousand words, and in the dental industry, an image can show just how essential a quality oral health care provider is for an entire family.

Engaging copy prevails
Powerful images can draw a reader in, but the content keeps a person engaged. It's crucial for marketers to send their readers information that can improve their quality of life. When a prospective or current patient receives information from an oral health care provider about how to care for teeth effectively, the dentist shows he or she is invested in helping his or her patients find happiness, even in subtle, cosmetic ways. This elevates practice brand, a key consideration in a practice valuation.

Newsletters can leave long-lasting impressions on readers, and the mailers should be integrated into every dentist's marketing mix. The advantages seen from these promotional pieces into a campaign are significant, and Patient News can help oral health care providers find greater success.