One Dental Marketing Idea That Will Increase New Patients


Make online reviews your secret weapon for success

Are you planning to grow your patient base in 2019? I bet your answer is a resounding, “YES!” Well, I’ve got one dental marketing idea that will help you do just that!

We live in a fast-paced world … one where technology and the internet are practically at the center of everything we do. That’s why as the owner/manager of a dental practice, it’s absolutely critical you embrace this fact.

A staggering 97% of consumers go online to find a local business they’re interested in, according to Forbes Technology Council. And 90% of consumer decisions are influenced by positive online reviews, and 94% will choose a business that has a minimum of four stars.

I also bet you’ve read at least one online review before… Whether you’re looking for a great dining spot or a destination vacation, you’ve probably searched Google to see what comes up. If the all-inclusive resort you narrow in on has a ton of negative 1- to 3-star reviews, would you consider booking? Didn’t think so.

It’s no different with dental practices. Every day, prospective patients are performing “near me” searches in your area. What will they see on top review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, and Facebook? Do you have an adequate number of reviews that accurately reflect the exceptional level of service you provide?

If not, you have to tap into the marketing power of online reviews! This free exposure will help put you ahead of your competitors, generate more calls to your practice, and prove integral to the speed at which your business grows – which means more production.

To make sure your online reputation is the best it can be, you need to…

  1. Establish an online review request procedure. There are certain things your staff should and shouldn’t do when approaching a patient for a review. You want to make sure you don’t break the rules reviews sites have implemented. For example, Google prohibits people from discouraging negative reviews. Just be sure to ask only those people you’re confident will give an excellent review.
  1. Make it easy for your patients. Include a reviews section on your website. This is also a perfect spot to display reviews from satisfied patients. Make sure that reviews from all the top sites appear.
  2. Train your staff. Not everyone is comfortable asking for reviews or knows what to say. A lunch-and-learn session at your practice will give your team tips to make it much easier.
  3. Ask for reviews in person. The best time to ask for a review is when a patient is over the moon because they just had an awesome dental experience and you’ve surpassed their expectations. You, the dentist, your patient coordinator, or front desk staff are usually in the best position to make the ask because of your frequent interaction and the trust you’ve earned.
  4. Ask for reviews through the web. If, for some reason, you missed an opportunity to ask in-person, you can use text and email services to encourage feedback.
  5. Did you get that review? If the patient didn’t act, send an email or text reminder. Your patients are busy people – a gentle nudge won’t hurt and will show them that their thoughts and feelings really matter to you.
  6. Respond to ALL reviews. Whether you receive positive or negative feedback, it’s important to acknowledge every single one. You need to thank your patients for taking time out of their day to share their thoughts … and if someone wasn’t fully satisfied, you must apologize, express willingness to “fix” whatever went wrong, and invite a phone call to address their criticisms privately.
  7. Offer staff incentives. Are the reviews rolling in … or coming in at a snail’s pace? Does your team need a kickstart to encourage more reviews? Start a contest to incentivize them for each review they achieve! Track monthly progress and offer a prize, like a gift certificate, to the top review generator.

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