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If you want to retain your patients-of-record, make sure your dental marketing strategies are tailored to educate your clients and maintain lucrative professional relationships. Direct mail has a 100 percent reach with your target market, which can make it easier to keep your name in front of your patients.

Dentistry marketing can increase patient referrals, reactivate patients that are on the fence, improve your services and reduce the amount of time wasted from no-shows and cancellations. Direct mail campaigns can succeed at achieving these goals because they are sent to patients who have proven their ability to pay for services, and have indicated that they're interested in maintaining superior oral health.

In a double-blind study, dentists across North America ranked on-time delivery as a top priority in their direct dental advertising practices. Therefore, while you want to maintain a loyal following, you need to take into account the importance of regular and timely engagement practices. If you go too long without reaching out to your patients-of-record, you might miss the opportunity to retain their business, as your competition has already encouraged them to switch providers.

Additionally, when you use mailings like patient newsletters you can make a significant impact each time you send out a new offering. If you are about to unveil a new product or service, you can craft a new mailing that introduces the new procedure, and then encourages recipients to react by scheduling their next appointment.

Patient newsletters can also encourage recipients to refer your services to their family and friends. When your marketing materials resonate with your intended target audience, you need to make sure there are additional incentive offers to persuade readers into sharing content with their loved ones. This type of approach to marketing can boost the amount of appointments you schedule, and may also improve your retention rates exponentially.

As a dentist, you need to take advantage of the resources you have available to you and your practice. If you neglect to use marketing tactics like direct mail, which has been proven to influence consumer behavior, you won't remain a successful practice owner down the line. In today's dental sphere, make sure your outreach efforts are geared toward patient retention. Otherwise, you might find your competition is targeting and stealing your valued customers.