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When you begin to design your dental marketing plan, you may want to consider the latest studies on internet marketing. It turns out, while many brands have used Facebook to promote their services, a report from Reuters and Ipsos found four out of five social network users have never purchased a product as a result of advertising, likes or comments on the website.

The survey of over 1,000 American adults also found that Facebook engagement is down. In most cases, people have grown bored of the website and 27 percent of users say there is no relevant content on the networking system. Therefore, when you conceptualize your dentistry marketing efforts, consider your target audience and what they will respond to. The fact is people use social media for entertainment, so ensure your posts have a combination of fun and education. Plus you can enhance your outreach tactics on proven and effective techniques like direct mail. Your patient newsletters will drive visitors to your website and facebook pages - use them to drive even more traffic with good content.   

 When you take the time to develop resonating mailings, you leave long-lasting impressions in your readers. In fact, prospective patients may be more likely to reach out and make appointments as a result of direct mail, so you may want to allocate marketing spend and resources appropriately - avoid spending too much time on social media marketing or pay per click advertising and allocate a higher percentage of your budget to initiatives that are proven to work - and trackable! 

Patient newsletters improve acquisition rates
You can use patient newsletters to target prospects by geographic and demographic criteria. In some instances, you may be the only dentist actively engaging with people in certain neighborhoods, so making an impression on one resident may lead to word-of-mouth marketing and higher conversion rates. In addition, when you spend time cultivating your leads and sending them valuable information, your return on investment (ROI) will increase. This allows you to continue your outreach efforts, while concurrently builds your brand as the leading authority in your field.

The extensive content included in these appealing newsletters in conjunction with the custom articles educates prospective patients on available services, which makes them more ready to accept treatment. Since readers understand the benefits of a treatment, they're likely to make new appointments to improve their oral health. As a dentist, you can continue to provide leads with educational information to remind them to pay extra attention to their smile. In addition, your branded material will keep your practice in the forefront of their minds, which may lead them to form greater loyalty down the line.

Direct mail shows you care
Many professionals only use their marketing materials to advertise their products and services. While professional success is all about ROI, you need to show your patients-of-record and prospects that you actually care about them, their teeth and their overall happiness.

Patients often leave their current dentists due to perceived indifference, even more when they have a bad customer experience. In order to prevent this from happening at your practice, you need to develop content that shows you care. Patient newsletters help reduce attrition and will increase patient lifetime value, which is often more beneficial to you and your ROI.

What's more, subsequent patient newsletters can follow similar structures, so when you offer seasonal specials or new products are introduced, your leads and patients will be the first people to know.

You want to make sure the people you reach out to feel appreciated, even if they've never made an appointment in their lifetime. By using patient newsletters on a regular basis, you're taking advantage of crossover benefits like education, branding, and promotional opportunities. The qualities many people look for in dentists can easily be communicated through print materials, but you have to take an active role in designing content that appeals to readers most. The best way to show you care and build a positive reputation is by understanding what people want and showing them how easy it can be to achieve their oral health desires by scheduling a consultation at your practice.

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