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The fact is, every established dental practice should be mailing a quarterly newsletter to their own patients. It's an easy way to show patients you care, and the effort will set your practice apart. In the dental industry, revenue streams are reliant on a variety of key metrics such as patient retention rates and sales figures. While you may not always have control over the type of procedures your patients-of-record request, you can manage the relationships you've fostered with your customers. Through well-designed marketing strategies, you can build rapport with your patients-of-record and educate them on services you provide, thus encouraging them, when appropriate, to open up their wallets and indulge in some life-changing procedures.

Don't forget that your patients are being marketed to by other dentists in your area every day. They are trying to lure your patients into their fold. Dental marketing is standard today, and assuming that once a patient chooses your practice they are yours for life won't garner the loyalty you need to remain afloat. In fact, dentistry is such a sensitive subject that the way other businesses promote their services can lure patients away. Consider your female head-of-household decision maker. She wants good information and trust building before committing to a high value service like dentistry. You have to be judicious in identifying the key touchpoint for every patient, and customizing your marketing materials to be both educational and promotional by nature - and consistently being in patient homes. 

Dental advertising resources like patient newsletters are paramount to client retention. If you fail to provide your loyal followers with information they can use in their daily lives, you may not remain their oral health care provider for long. Therefore, make sure you allocate an appropriate amount of your time and money toward retention, as acquisition can only provide returns if you hold onto those leads who have already converted months or years ago.

As a dentist, it can be easy to lose sight of your patients-of-record while hunting for new prospects. You may think that their past appointments and care are enough to keep your brand name in their minds, but that is not always the case. In order to be the dentist of choice in your community, make sure you use patient newsletters as a way to keep your current patients in the loop. If you've recently incorporated new procedures into your portfolio, reach out to your audience and give them an inside look into what you've done to improve the services you offer your patients-of-record.

If you have spent the bulk of your time lately toward patient acquisition, you might want to revisit your retention programs to make sure they still leave long-lasting impressions with your patients-of-record. When you actively initiate conversations with people who have benefited from your service in the past, you position your practice in favorable territory, and your revenue streams will continue to flow freely.